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yet another senior moment......sigh

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  • yet another senior moment......sigh

    It must be the moon or something.... it cant be me (lol)

    We remodled the second floor a while back, and i needed to put back the last of the doors i had stored in the garage. Now we got rid of two old closets, but i kept the doors. So i have three doors only one will fit.

    I lined up all the doors and put the door knobs on the right.
    For over an hour im looking at the doors trying to figure out why i dont have the right one left. Standing in the room i need the door to open in and right to left. All the doors open OUT. Only two should open out, NOT all three.

    It cant be, we didnt take the door frames out, we didint throw any door away, we didnt give any door away, i should have three doors and one that fits.

    Im going nuts.....cant be....... how could it.......i dont understand

    Then urika ..... my brain kicked in overtime and all the brain cells came alive
    i have solved the problem.........i am a genius.

    one door is upside down........duh!!.......

    too embarrased to tell you who i am...... me
    Pete Ripaldi

    "Insert Clever Tag Line Here..."

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    Pete, I hate to tell you this, it only gets worse.
    It will be OK as long as you can find your way home.

    Delta P-20 & Q-3

    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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      Pete - been there, done that

      I am a natural blonde and a senior citizen. Now, I have senior moments. I have always had blonde moments. My biggest trouble is when they happen at the same time. Katy bar the door when that happens.
      aka Pop's Shop
      Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain!.


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