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OT: Cool Video on Design Steps (not scroll saw specific)

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  • OT: Cool Video on Design Steps (not scroll saw specific)

    A few weeks (Months?) ago, there was a thread about using Wacom pen tablets with design software instead of using a mouse. I continue to search for hints on how I can get my tablet pen to come up to the praise that others expressed.

    In that search, I came across the following link today. It demonstrates the use of CorelDraw Graphic Suite in general graphic design while using a Wacom pen tablet.

    Video is about 20 to 30 minutes long. I give it a 4 star rating ****

    CorelDraw and it's competitor, Adobe Illustrator are mid to high end ($$$) programs for vector graphic design.

    Aside: You may need some knowledge on CorelDraw from Rich Hutchenson's "Corel Draw 9 Tips" at in order to fully understand what the artist is doing between Vector Graphic or Bitmap drawings.


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    That is a really good reference Phil.
    That is something like I used to do with my mouse. But I got very frustrated.
    The tutorial is really easy to understand. Thanks for posting it!
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