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BIL, Bath reno from **ll and other stuff.

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  • BIL, Bath reno from **ll and other stuff.

    Wow, I can't believe I haven't been on here in over a week. So much has happened. First, the dr at Hopkins reviewed my BIL's tests, called them up and said "I just don't see what this doctor saw. I see cancer, but no need to remove bladder and no bag.!" Isn't that wonderful? The dr is having all tests repeated next week so we will know then.

    The reno from **ll is almost done!!!! Just some caulking around the floor, a few touch ups and DONE!!! It is so beautiful. The designer did a great job of pulling things together, if I do say so myself. Will definitely post before and aft pics within a few days.

    This is starting my second week of work and I am so enjoying it. I am getting much more work done, not rushing and selling like crazy. Was invited to join an Arts Center and am looking into that.

    That's it for now. Will catch up on my reading later. Have to go to check the "woodpile" to get some wood for my next project, whatever that is!!

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    Sounds good, Betty, like all the loose ends are coming together in a good way. I'm sure everyone is relieved at your BIL's new evaluation.

    And of course, I can't wait to see your new, gorgeous bathroom!

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      I know you and your family are mightily relieved after getting such good news from the Doc at Johns Hopkins.

      Now........we need pictures! We HAVE to see the bathroom in its new glory. Have great fun working and making sawdust and whatever else it is you want to do.



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        Ah, Betty, life is on the upswing for you - YAYYY! God Bless, and continued prayers for your BIL!


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          Great news Betty - obviously and especially on the BIL but also on the reno. I'm tempted to suggest that you check the hot and cold waters are piped correctly to the shower before christening the system. Don't want you to go scalding yourself accidentally - LOL!

          And yep - waiting to see the pre and post destruction photos !
          Jim in Mexico

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            Great news Betty! Second opinions, sometimes change things 360 degrees. Wishing you all the best.
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