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  • I'm back

    Hello everybody,
    Well I guess I'm over it.
    I got really mad the last time I was here... I requested a portrait pattern and then received 3 nasty emails from an anonymous person(s) stating that I had requested to many patterns and should start paying for them. The return email was no good so I couldn't explain that I always offered to pay the artist for the patterns. Out of the 6-8 patterns I have requested I only actually made money off from one set the rest were given away. This email made me so mad that I decided to not come here any more. Well I guess that was my loss and not the members. Anyway I'm back and when I get time I will post the stuff I have made in the past year.

    I do want to say to the people that created custom patterns for me in the past and I do have a couple that I would like to have created but I am hesitant to ask as I don't really want any more nasty emails. I still don't know who sent me the emails but I hope that if they are a member(s) here that they actually complain to me with a real email address so I can defend myself.

    P.S. I look forward to being back and seeing all the wonderful items that are posted by the best bunch of scroll sawyers in the world.
    Thank GOD for everything You Have, and HE will provide everything you need.

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    Hi Rick,
    Well I for one am glad you are back. I have never found a site with so many helpful people wanting to share their love of their craft with others. Since the person who sent you the emails was anonomous, that shows me alot about their character. I have asked for a few patterns and some of them were diffucult and that shows me the great character of the people on here who are willing to help. Do not let one person, out of the 1000's on this forum, deter you from asking. Welcome back again and I can't wait to see your work.
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      Ditto what Mark said.
      "Tight's tight, too tight's broken"

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        Yep welcome back. In the future please forward those e-mails to myself, Bob D or another moderator. That is uncalled for and certainly not tolerated.
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        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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          Good to have you back. Don't know who was barking up the tree on that--but I can bet it was not one of the regulars here.

          With the exception of the expected jocular responses from a few(not naming names, but Jim_Mex, JohnB and a few others know ;-} ), I have nothing but a positive 10+ experience on this forum.

          As the Wood Dog always says "We live for pictures around here". Can't wait to see the fruits of a year of cutting.
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            I'm glad that you're back. I've created a few patterns for those who have requested them on this forum. I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the opportunity to create patterns for those that request them. Whoever sent you that email most definitely was not speaking for me. I personally couldn't care less if you asked for a portrait a week. If I have the time to do it, I will. I also, do not care if you profit from a cutting of a portrait I created. So, please, keep requesting and request often!

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              Glad to have you back Rick, and here I thought everyone was here to help each other when they asked for it, not be such prudes if a fellow scroller needs help in any way shape or forum.
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                There you go Rick. You just can't beat this forum for good people. Glad you decided to come back & hope you can continue with your requests. Sorry, I don't make patterns, but, there are a lot to be had. Good Luck


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