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  • Boy do i feel du... not smart


    So there i was working on my new project, part of it needs a compound feather. Ive tested a few patterns on some small pieces of wood about 6"X1"X1" or so.

    A few came out ok, a few not so ok. Actually one of my feathers came out looking like a leaf, (now i know how to cut a

    So i decided to cut one close to the finish size about, 12" x3"x3/4" , the wood blank is just a bit bigger.

    So i glue on the pattern, cover with tape admired my work and began to cut.

    cut...cut ....boy im good...cut ...cut....following all the lines......great

    im so good....... mabey i should quit my job and do this full time.....i can sell these things for at least nine thousand dollars......cut....cut......perfect .

    the long flat side is done, now to turn it on its side and do that part, boy im good.

    hey pete you know how wide this feather is...nah never paid any attention to it, looks good right ....yup looks great

    hey you remeber how wide a peice of wood your saw can cut.......nah not off the top of my head why?

    Pete Ripaldi

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    Sorry to hear of your dilema

    Do you know anyone with a bandsaw that you can finish it off with?

    BTW don't feel bad I have done the same thing. After all the blade is 5" isnt it
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      So, theres really no sense in me asking how your 3D feather cutting is turning out is there? Dale live and learn.
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        I can actually modify the size to "make it fit"
        Looks like were the only ones that have ever done this, no one else fessed

        Originally posted by lucky788scroller
        So, theres really no sense in me asking how your 3D feather cutting is turning out is there? Dale live and learn.
        wrong sawdust breath.....(sorry no coffee yet ) i can show you my feather that turned into a leaf... ... ...., ill post pics later tonight.

        Pete Ripaldi

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