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Thinking of giving up the internet for a year

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  • Thinking of giving up the internet for a year

    I'm not getting much done. Haven't been getting much done for some years now but that was ok as I wasn't interested in getting much done.

    Now I've got a granddaughter almost 2yo and her brother due soon, plus my daughter is also expecting. So much stuff I want to make now!

    Today I started making a box from scrap, blade bloke, took a rest, checked out the net and that's the day gone.

    There's the library or cafes for weekly updates on my favourite forums. I'm hoping it will be 6 or 7 days for projects and 3 or 4 hours per week for the net. Right now it's the opposite.

    Can always get back online if I get terrible withdrawal symptoms I suppose.

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    Giving it up? just joined 13 posts ago!

    I'm just kidding.....i understand completely what you are saying. I found myself making a similar decision about a year ago. It was not so much about quitting the net, as i don't see that as realistic. However, i did "retire" from a forum which was taking much, too much of my time. As a huge hockey fan, i was a member of a hockey forum for many years, but i found myself spending so much time on it, that it started to bump into my personal life. It can become quite addicting, so ultimately i just thanked the other members for sharing the great times and deleted my account. Looking back, it was a good move, i think.

    I still enjoy participating in a few other forums, such as this one, but i don't find the need to check on them so many times every day. They continue to just be periodic enjoyable outlets for me, which i like.
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      John, I know exactly what you mean!!! I probably made a big mistake putting a computer in my shop! I spent most of the day in the house surfing. Finally decided I had to get myself to the shop and do something. I'm doing something alright, surfing the net out here!! I'll be watching this thread closely to see if anyone has suggestions for how to balance the two!!!
      Cathy in NE

      "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." - Anonymous


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        I agree totally! I haven't been on here in a while, but when I started back watching this site, I check it as soon as I get up (well the coffee comes first!). Then I get around and head to the garage and start creating magic (black magic when I burn the wood) . Then after an hour or so here I am again checking out a few sites. Then I realize it's been 3 hours since I sat down. Time get's away from you when you're in the A/C sitting down! Don


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          Well I can see there are several of us that have the same problem....and I really only look at a few sites...but find myself checking into them every time I come back in the house. Don't think I will be like you Cathy...I will keep my computer in the house, but just need to only turn it on once in the AM and late PM....yea, sounds good doesn't it...let's see if I can do it.


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            Not just me then. lol

            I won't be giving up the net entirely, just accessing it from home.

            Doesn't seem that long ago (2000) there was an outfit giving out free dial up for an hour at a time here in the UK. My daughter would sit by the PC half listening to the repeated busy tones while reading then as soon as the connecting noise happened she would snap to it and try to d/l one song in her free hour.

            One forum I used to frequent had a regular poster ask the mods to ban him for 3 months so he could get a project finished.

            Can't sleep, 5.30am and on the net. Besides, I need a year off from seeing all these cool toys I want to buy because I keep buying them. One more power tool and my family will have me committed. So I went for a graphics tablet and a titanium fretsaw.


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              John Prine wrote a song back about 40 years ago (or so). . . . maybe it's time to take out the old LP (or the new MP3) and listen to this one again. . . . .
              I'm not telling ya, I'm just sayin'. . . . . .

              Spanish Pipedreams

              She was a level-headed dancer on the road to alcohol
              And I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal
              Well she pressed her chest against me
              About the time the juke box broke
              Yeah, she gave me a peck on the back of the neck
              And these are the words she spoke

              Blow up your TV throw away your paper
              Go to the country, build you a home
              Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches
              Try an find Jesus on your own

              Well, I sat there at the table and I acted real naive
              For I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve
              Well, she danced around the bar room and she did the hoochy-coo
              Yeah she sang her song all night long, tellin' me what to do


              Well, I was young and hungry and about to leave that place
              When just as I was leavin', well she looked me in the face
              I said "You must know the answer."
              "She said, "No but I'll give it a try."
              And to this very day we've been livin' our way
              And here is the reason why

              We blew up our TV threw away our paper
              Went to the country, built us a home
              Had a lot of children, fed 'em on peaches
              They all found Jesus on their own
              I've Got A Lot More To Learn
              About Leaving Battlegrounds Alone
              "~~ Molly Venter


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                I know of John Prine but those lyrics are new to me. Assuming I get motivated to sit at my piano again, learning that song is going to be a priority.

                Thanks Molly.

                I did get rid of the TV about 15 years ago but the net has become an interactive TV for me now.

                The penny dropped this morning. My homepage has news headlines and watching/reading the news puts me on a downer as well as being a time thief.

                I really don't need to know what is happening in the world. It's not as if me knowing what's going on is going to make a difference to anyone else. If it is big news, someone in real life will tell me.

                So I've made this site my homepage. It's a start.


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                  Time management or "office hours" as I like to call them. I check my "smart phone" way smarter than me, several times a day. If it's something needs my immediate attention, like a new pic of the grandkids, I jump right on my computer and look at them. If not, it can wait until next time. Mondays are always office days. Do my bookwork, order my avon & tastefully simple, have my auctions 1st monday of each month, etc. I usually spend about 4 hours on here then. After that, I limit my time otherwise nothing else gets done. I am constantly running up and down the steps to make copies, enlarge, shrink, or whatever whenever I cut. It's a very cheap stair master!!!!! Since I no longer work, today was last day, Tues & Thurs will be strictly for woodworking and nothing else!! The rest of the week I usually work from 2-8p.m., since hubby works night work. Off on Sat unless I have a show and some work on Sunday. For some reason, it works for me. Most times!!

                  "Congress needs to realize it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not of the people, by the people and for Congress." - Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins Hospital


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                    Actually, I'd like to get rid of the TV. It is the most wasteful thing I own. We pay to have one, pay to watch one, & even pay to watch commercials. I guess the worse part is the kind of programs they are dreaming up today. I must be getting old or something ! I definatley do not watch the news. The Net sticks enough news in front of you anyway, but, I still like to read you folks & do some games now & then on the net. Take Care


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                      Originally posted by jm51 View Post
                      Not just me then. lol
                      Funny how those 15 minute breaks can stretch into an hour or more. I could never get anything done if I had internet in the garage. I've gotten away from TV in the evening most nights and am trying to put my online roaming to then.
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                        3 days now with this site as home page. Not seeing any news items seems to be making a difference. I've plenty of bookmarks and the google toolbar is there if I need it.

                        Happy 4th of July to all the Americans here.


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