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Who do you feel will win EURO 2012 FINAL? Spain Or Italy?

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  • Who do you feel will win EURO 2012 FINAL? Spain Or Italy?

    My viewpoint, Spain will win for certain no doubt in my thoughts.

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    24 hours ago I would have agreed with you but after tonights preformance from Italy I'm not so sure. I never thought they would have beaten Germany as convincingly as they did. I reckon it could be a great game on Sunday and can't wait.
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      I put a doller on Spain.
      FD Mike
      SD Mike


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        I have some Italians friends who have been eagerly rubbing my Brit nose in the dirt since their team hoofed England out of the quarter finals. For this reason I'm inclined to go against Italy but I actually hope that they win. I think it does good for the hot favorites (in this case Spain) to be be beaten every now and then and keep these competitions lively so I guess I'll root for Italy. At least if they win I can fall back on the comment that 'England lost to the Champions!' - LOL!
        Jim in Mexico

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          It'll be the same winners as always - UEFA and the multi-media broadcasting corporations.
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