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    I'm slowly but surely teaching myself to do a little carving so I was eying the air powered rotary tools (dental). I thought what the heck.
    Then I saw the prices and had an immediate and severe ED flare up.
    I went down to Ernies Discount Tools and Flea Market to console myself and this is what I found.
    It's only rated for 55000 rpm @90psi and it actually works quite well.
    It even works on glass.
    It was marked $23 so I told him I would leave sooner if it was $20 and like usual he said OK
    Felt so good I bought the helicopter too. Can't wait for my grandson to come and visit. I need him to chase it.
    The dogs weren't real impressed for some reason.
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    May the wind at you back .....
    Not be from Lunch.

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    Boys and Toys!!! - I'm jealous Rob! Great buy and that helithing should be heaps of fun too.
    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein


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      Ok when are you going to make a wooden helicopter? and engrave it of course....

      You know you tought about it....didn't you?


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        I'm more intrigued by the helicopter than the engraver. Keep us posted on how both work for you.

        If you need a tool and don't buy it, you will pay for it and not have it


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          Which one flies better?-Jim


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