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  • Heat

    Who works in there shop in this heat? Who has AC in their shop?
    I am not a big fan of the heat, not 95 anyway. I would be perfectly fine with 70-75.
    In the future I will look for a summer home where it's cold.
    Thankfully I have AC in my shop. It is a 2 stage unit. The compressor is outside and the condenser and fan are hung on the wall. Everyday I go out there I thank the man who invented AC.
    Where is it cooler this time of the year? Any homes or preferably condo's for sale?

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    Since my shop is in my attached garage, it tends to stay under 78 degrees no matter what the outside temperature is...if I remember to leave the garage door closed, so working in it in 95 degree outside heat is not too much of a problem. I do need to heat it in the winter though.

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      Haven't been able to work in my garage for 3 days. Every day into the mid 90's. Supposed to be better today - now I have to play catch-up.


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        My workshop is in the basement. Our house is A/C which we use sparingly but with the heat wave (95F +) here in Ontario it is a blessing.

        My problem is that the basement gets cold so that I have to come up for some heat every once and awhile. No vents open to basement and we have a couple of cold air returns but still cool.

        It won't be long and the heat wave will pass and we are looking for nice weather.

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          I have a fairly small workshop 10'x20' so It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to

          run a small 5000 BTU airconditioner. My shop stays cooler if I keep it closed up

          in hot weather as I have it well insulated.
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