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When you think it will be quick.

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  • When you think it will be quick.

    I was going to finish up in the shop today, but thought I would plane a few boards quick. There was 7 boards that were 1in thick and I wanted to take them down to 13/16. I got to the last 2 boards that needed one more pass. Next thing I know is way too many shavings flying about. Well the dust collector was full. Which led to a full hose and the chute on the planer is all clogged up. So I had to take the top of the planer off and clean it up. Empty the hose and then the dust collector drum, which is a 55 gallon drum. Then of course clean up the area because those shavings have a tendency to get all over the place. Good thing tomorrow is garbage day to get rid of those large trash bags filled with planer shavings. What should have taken about 30 minutes turned into 90 minutes. Then of course I needed another shower from sweating like crazy from all the extra work. OY

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    My many many many years on this earth has taught me one very valuable lesson. The only true 5 minute or less job is writing a check to get someone else to do the work.
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      The minute the words "It'll only take 5 minutes" pop into your head be prepared for for everything that can go wrong to do so, and don't make any plans for next two hours or so
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