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Nice fathers day gift

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  • Nice fathers day gift

    I complained here about my table saw giving up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. The other day my wife called my son without me knowing and asked if he would go in halves on a new one. He said he could do better than that as he had one that he would send me. He bought it a year ago to build a deck then swore off building stuff and it's just been sitting in his garage since. He sent it to me and it arrived yesterday. You should see the pile of sawdust I made.
    It's a 10 inch Ryobi that looks brand new. I think it may be smarter than me as it has a 90 and 45 degree positive stops for quick changes, fence with built in measure, a real working kick back guard and all kinds of things. It's a good one. The wife looked up the retail and it's a couple of hundred bucks she said. I said "I don't care what it cost I'm just happy to have it" and went back to practicing my cutting.
    It's a great Father's Day gift and I just had to brag a little.

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    Congrats, maybe I shoulda hinted about that Grizzly bandsaw?
    Steve in Richmond, VA with a DW-788


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      congratulations on the new tool. My shop is just about not quite big enough for a table saw. If I moved the band saw, lathe and scroll saw out it would fit.
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        See children are good.....


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