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    Ok all I want to put together a Video Project list and would like all of you to help me out with it, by telling me what kind / subjects of how too woodworking video's you would like to see. While it might take me some time to get to them, I want to be able to make them. So please, please, please tell me what you would like to see.

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    How about a beginners video that shows how to square the blade to the table and how to square the blade at the top and bottom connects so the blade doesn't shimmy. Of course that could be just my crummy saw, better saws may not allow the blade to twist like mine.
    Maybe show the different size and results of the different blades and why one would choose this blade over that one. Perhaps how to effectively use a spiral blade.
    How to make a picture frame and framing your work.
    These are just some ideas I had from a beginners point of view. Okay, maybe I'm not a beginner any more but I'm still close enough to remember my questions from then.


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      Got some good ideas there which I will add to my list.

      In case you missed it, I posted how I make picture frames and it can be found here PictureFrames.mp4 - YouTube

      Thanks for the ideas. Anyone else with some?


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        Cutting circles is a thing I really want to see done when I started.
        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          How about making sharp turns/corners and small intrique cuts? I've seen plans that call for a small cut but how do I do it without leaving an obvious entry hole especially when doing eyes.

          Thanks a bunch!


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            Thanks for the great ideas, I will add them to my list.

            Anyone have any other suggetions? It does not have to be limited to scrolling, any woodworking will work. I know that this project of mine (my video project) is going to push me to be even a better woodworker and to learn things that I don't know how to do yet. For example someone wants me to do a turning video, while I do have a lathe I am no where near ready to make a how too video on how to turn until I learn how to do it better myself, so that one won't be coming out from me anytime soon.



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              Hi Chris - a great idea of yours and knowing your skill with tutorials I'm sure it will be well appreciated.

              With respect to scrolling .. For a good while I was also thinking of a making a set of tutorials for complete newcomers to scrolling to put in a sticky section on the forum to answer questions that are continually raised here by newcomers. Like most folks though, recent pressures of work and time in general keep getting in the way.

              The questions raised by cpowell are classic 'how do I do this..?' ones , along with ones like - how do I check a blade is correctly tensioned? which way do I thread a blade for portraits or fretwork? how to choose the correct blade for different thicknesses and types of wood? how to a fix a pattern to wood and whether to tape or use brads for stack cut items?

              There's definitely a big list of topics here and whilst most of theseare covered in a number of good scrolling books for beginners it would be nice to have a section of videos on this forum which newcomers could be referred to for a look see.
              IMO nothing demonstrates techniques better than actually seeing them carried out.

              Good luck with your venture. If I can be of help with anything please contact me.
              Jim in Mexico

              Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
              - Albert Einstein


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