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  • Heart Breaker

    Can you believe they made a deck table out of these pieces?
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    very beautiful colors and grain.... is it cypress? or cedar? or did I just show my lack of knowledge on wood types?


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      That's pretty neat.

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        Sadly, there are some who would have turned it into a bonfire.


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          I would not have done that. But, at least cover the top piece with Envirotex(plastic coat) & never put something as nice as that on the bottom of the pedistal. That is a waste. I would have used it for something more attractive, like a clock maybe. Anyway, it sure was a waste. My 2 cents worth.


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            I would have used it for something else but at least the beauty of the wood is being shared with others instead of being on a burn pile.
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              Hi Rob - Definitely not my idea of a good way to use two splendid looking pieces of timber but obviously someone likes the result and I'd be a liar if I said that I'd never seen anything done like this before. I guess before we criticize too much we should remember the saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.
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                The top piece at least gets to show off. I wouldn't consider it going to waste.

                The burn pile's what gets me. I was visiting a friend last night and every time he tossed a piece of maple in the firepit I saw the artwork screaming to be let out. I would have grabbed a stack if I wouldn't have to truck it home on an airplane. I'm not nearly as hardcore as Sr. Packs-a-Scrollsaw.

                I'm not nearly as hardcore as Sr. Packs-a-Scrollsaw. I may outgeek him carrying three computers and a guitar


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                  I packed a mountain bike, and took it with me as luggage on a cross country bus from Missouri to RI..

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