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  • first 'show(in) off'

    doin my first 'showin off' this eve at a horse clinic....the trainer said he was fine with it...hopin to get my work/art/name goin out to the 'horse people'...wife had told me a few months ago, horse lovers would like my work...we'll know in a few hours...wish me luck?

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    DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE PICS! Rootin for you and if you don't have a ton of sales you may be surprised at call back if you have cards with you. Some folks do not attend these functions with purchasing anything in mind but may very well want something a few days or weeks later. I had one lady contact me a year later. I was amazed she kept my card all that time. She said it was displayed on her fridge door.
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      between holdin down stuff and fighting with the wind, and dogs, did not get any pix, sry mike, i know you told me to….i did a few sales, and am happy with that….most people got biz cards…i think everyone is about spent out due to expenses for the clinic, and room and board, and of course eating….i’m satisfied with what i sold, b/c i almost didn’t do it, b/c of the loss of my friend


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