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  • Home from hospital.

    Hey guys missed you all. Bet you did not even notice I was gone...LOL Had a bit of a scare while mowing the yard Monday. Thought I was having a heart attack. Took my nitro twice and pain and other symptoms dissipated. So shrugged it off. Wednesday sitting here logging onto computer and stated having chest pain again. Called Dr.'s office they said call 911 or go to ER NOW!. When i explained the chest pains were subsiding they said it would probably be better if i called 911 or got a ride. is aid okay and drove myself anyway. Boy did I get a scolding. It was determined I did not have a heart attack (thankfully). However the Er Doc called my cardiologist and he said ship up here to me I'm doing a heart cath today these are classic signs and I'm concerned.

    They wanted to send me via ambulance I refused signed a waiver and drove myself the 60 miles to Missoula to the hospital there.

    The next morning I was administered the heart cath and they placed a stent. Dr informed me later the major artery flowing to my heart was 80-90% blocked and this the artery they call the widowmaker as it is rare fro a person to survive a blockage in the artery. he said I was lucky and my body warned me ahead of time & there is no damage to my heart. Once again thank you who ever is watching out for me.

    Anyway I'm home and resting from the weeks adventure. BTW they refused to let me drive self home. I had to call my neighbors and bless their hearts they drove to Missoula to get me and drove myself and my vehicle back to Hamilton. Nice friends and neighbors to be sure.

    Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts I do believe it helped me immensely. Big ol' cyber hugs.

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    Wow Mike! Glad to hear you are doing well now, what an ordeal! You might start feeling pretty perky now if you had that kind of blockage before. Keep on taking care of yourself, we don't want anything to happen to our "Montana Mike".


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      Glad to hear that you dodged that bullet. Just take thing slow and take care of yourself.

      Dan A


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        Hi Mike
        Glad everything is OK.
        I had a heart attack a year or so ago so I know what you went trough. Glad you reacted quickly' Take care and take it easy for a while.
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          Hi Mike,

          Yes it was kinda quiet here. Glad you're OK.

          Take care.
          Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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            I am glad you are back Mike. Slow down some. We all want you around here for many years to come.
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              Glad it all worked out OK, but that's some really scary stuff you're dealing with. Good thing your body is so smart, but maybe, just maybe, there are times to let other folks do the driving.

              Welcome back!

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                Good to know you're OK, been treated properly and are home feeling fine. Next time please pay attention to the advice to have someone else do the driving or call 911. Speaking as an old ER nurse, we'd much rather have you arrive alive!

                Take good care of yourself.



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                  Geez Mike - you are a stubborn cuss! I'm really glad to hear that things turned out O.K. for you and hope that now the docs know what is going on they can sort you out but please stay away from the drive myself routine eh!

                  I know I would have probably done the same in your shoes but the last thing you want to happen is to have some sort of collapse at the wheel which could maybe cause an even more serious accident to yourself or to any innocent bystander caught up in the melee!

                  You take care of yourself pal and stop scaring the cr*p out of us, eh!
                  Jim in Mexico

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                    Glad you are ok Mike! Take care of the ole ticker as we need you around here!
                    Dan in So.Ca.


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                      Hey, Mike: It's always shocking to read this kind of news. However, even though you didn't follow the protocols exactly as they were written, nothing untoward occurred and you were smart enough to act on your earliest symptoms. Quick action by your medical personnel resulted in your receiving proper treatment very early after the symptoms appeared. You should have a good recovery now. Be well and know that a lot of us have you in their prayers. Dick
                      Dick Miraglia


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                        Gee Mike. That's some scary stuff.
                        But it would explain all the new spammers on the board, (just kidding).
                        So glad you're OK. it was smart to act quickly, but do leave the driving to someone else..

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                          Great news Mike...Take it easy...Ron


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                            Glad things worked out Mike. Also you do indeed have some great neighbors. Two blessings for you this week.


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                              Even Miss Daisy lets someone else drive..........are you nuts?
                              We certainly are happy you made it to the hospital, and back, but what's up with that driving business?
                              Take care of yourself will ya.......we all need each other to pick on around here.
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