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Encounter Of The Smelly Kind

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  • Encounter Of The Smelly Kind

    Started to let the Shop hound out last night and as I opened the door, Pepi La Pu was quite evident with his smelly presents. Being that the hound has had a couple of bad dealing with them I decided to check the yard to make sure it was not there. That is when I noticed the back shop (garage)door was open. So I went to close it and the oder was very bad so I turn the spotlight to the inside and there in the middle was the varmint using a swept pile of sawdust for a potty box. I let him and left, opening both front garage doors as I closed the back door. He departed shortly but my shop still stinks. Just imagine if I walked in with a cold or something,
    Chuck D

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    Chuck your blessde indeed if skunks are your only problem I have to leave my garage door open constantly when I work Florida is loaded with snake trust me, you know how hard it is to chase one out of your shop trust me its a task and one you have to very careful about (I HATE SNAKES )
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