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  • Vintage Hand drill

    I brought this Shoulder/Breast drill a few days ago at a garage sale for $4 it was covered in gunk and gummed up but i have stripped it down and cleaned it up (no sanding or wirebrushes) it is now fully useable again, it is Australian Made by a brand called Mit-A-Mit and i cant seem to be able to find any information about the makers does anyone know anything about it???
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    Looks like a nice find,they are handy.


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      Beautiful! Gotta love those old tools.
      Mtnman Jim

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        Thnx i love finding old tools, its the first shoulder drill i have come across,
        so im prety stoked i have also got a growing collection of Brass-faced pocket balances


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          I have one that looks similar, but it was made by Goodell Pratt. One of those tools that sits in a place of honor, on display, it has done it's work and now it's time to remind me that an electric switch makes things easier than in my grandpa's day.


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            Hi Darcy - this link shows what I think is your drill

            'Mit a Mit' drill brace - Tools -Other - Office, Workshop & Farm - Carter's Price Guides to Antiques and Collectables

            Just to let you in to a tip to find this type of item. Try using an Australian search engine. I used the Australian version of Yahoo and searched on 'Mit-a-Mit tools' and up popped this link.
            Jim in Mexico

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              A great find. Now JohnB will get on here and tell us he is still using one!
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                And again Darcy - courtesy of another link to a Mit-a-Mit shaper I found out that your drill was manufactured by the Metalcraft Engineering Company of Sydney which appears to have gone 'walkabout' around the mid 1950's.

                I suppose if you could get in touch with the city archives office you may be able to dig up a little more information on the company. One thing is certain, they made a lot of carpentry hand tools and machinery such as shapers and lathes

                I also found one reference to a Mit-a-Mit egg beater. As usual my brain went into overdrive on that one as I instantly imagined our forum pal from Oz, JohnB, whisking up an omelette with a bent nail stuck in the end of his Mit-a-Mit hand drill !!! I wouldn't be surprised if his workshop wall is splattered with the evidence of by gone days!
                Jim in Mexico

                Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                - Albert Einstein


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                  I've got an old egg beater in my tool box, and Dad has the shoulder drill I used to use. It is a beaut, geared. Can't remember the brands but will have look later.
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