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Little bowls on my mini lathe

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  • Little bowls on my mini lathe

    I finally took the plunge and used my mini lathe, with some advice and screaming from DH, of course. LOL

    It was definitely a learning curve, but I have managed to produce the little bowls. I have another one, with a lid, that is in the staining process.

    Might have to divide the dark side time with some turning time. I really like turning.

    Nancy in AZ
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    Looks like you're off to a great start, Nancy. It'll be nice to see how you progress.

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      Nice work Nancy- and not a frustrated hubby in sight!

      You did really good!
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      Jim in Mexico

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        WOW Nancy, those are great bowls. You are way ahead of me on lathe work...I still don't have one and not sure I ever will. I am so engrossed in making band saw boxes of all sizes. I had a neighbor ask me today if I could make a box that looked like a set of boobs....said I would try it. I didn't ask any more questions as to why.


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          Very nice Nancy. What type of wood did you use?

          Now the question will be "to scroll or to turn"? I do woodturning too and I just love it. I like doing bowls and lidded boxes. Keep on turning!


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            Those are so cute. You did a good job on them.


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              Very nice Nanc!! U'll be all set for a bowl of corn flake.
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                Very nice job. You are off to a great start.


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                  Those are way better than my first bowls. Keep on turnen.
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                    Nancy, very nice bowls. How did you mount then?
                    Steve in Richmond, VA with a DW-788


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                      Nancy -- Nice bowls!! Fun times can be had with most tools in that shop of yours. I too would like to know how you mounted them.
                      Mtnman Jim

                      taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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                        Hi! Thanks for the comments on my little bowls.

                        Instead of a lengthy dissertation on how I mounted the stock, I'm going out in the shop and taking pictures while I mount another piece for turning.

                        The wood I used for the little bowls is from a well seasoned piece of oak that was given to us. I think it's white/western oak. Very light in color, tight grain and dry. Kind of stinky when turning, too.

                        More later with pics, I'm heading out to the shop now.

                        Nancy in AZ
                        A clean house is a sign of a broken scroll saw!


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                          beautiful bowls
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                            How I mount my bowl stock on the mini lathe

                            My apologies up front to BobD for posting this on the scrollsaw board, but inquiring minds wanted to know. LOL

                            I screw a scrap piece to the faceplate. It's flat on both sides and rounded on the lathe.

                            I trace the bowl stock on a SINGLE sheet of newspaper.

                            Then I apply an even coat (not too thick) of wood glue to the bowl stock and the piece on the faceplate and place the newspaper circle on the bowl stock.

                            Next, the bowl stock is placed and centered on the faceplate wood. I apply just enough pressure to be sure it's centered and flat to the faceplate wood.
                            Now I wait, not touching anything for about 10 minutes. The glue will set up enough to maintain a firm contact and the stock won't slip.

                            The workpiece is then attached to the headstock and the tailstock is brought up and pressure is applied to the piece, serving as the clamp/weight. (When it's time to start turning, the tailstock is tightened more, of course)

                            Why the newpaper circle?? Because after the bowl is completed and removed from the lathe, a thin chisel, placed at the seam where the 2 pieces were glued, and a light tap of a hammer will pop off the remaining wood from the bowl piece and the wood circle attached to the faceplate can be re-used several times. All that is needed is a light sanding on a belt sander to remove the remaining glue/newspaper and it's ready for another project.

                            Hope I have explained this well enough. The benefit of using this method is being able to use nearly all of the stock with little waste at the headstock.

                            Nancy in AZ
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                            A clean house is a sign of a broken scroll saw!


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                              Thanks for the pics and explanation, Nancy.
                              Mtnman Jim

                              taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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