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Really yummy low-fat chocolate angel food cake

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  • Really yummy low-fat chocolate angel food cake

    For anyone who is a chocolate lover, but has to watch fat and calories, this cake is for you.

    My son asked me for the recipe I use, and to help him with the technique, I promised to make him a YouTube video. His cake was a success, which is impressive since he doesn't bake, and beating and folding in egg whites can be tricky.

    So, just in case anyone is interested, here's the link:
    Easy to Bake Chocolate Angel Food Cake - YouTube

    And yes, I will get back to the shop one of these days! Can't live by cake alone.

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    Sorry? Low fat and chocolate do not compute....LOL
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    • #3 mask or hearing protection in the kitchen.
      Last photo in the video sure looks sweeeeet!
      Never made an angel food cake, just may give it a try.
      Thanks for posting your video Carole.
      Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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        Did one similar for my wife's bible study group years ago and served it with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream.

        She did not bring any home from the meeting, so I have to make the assumption they liked it.

        Chocolate angel food is just enough of a rarity that it always draws attention. Thanks for sharing.
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          Hi Carole - there ya go tempting my taste buds again!

          Great video with your usual really clear instructions.
          I'm not sure if I could find one of those extra terrestrial cooking pans this side of the border so I might have to adapt a galvanized bucket to cook the cake in to give this a go.

          Got one technical question. regarding cutting the cake away from the pan. Could you maybe line the pan with a sheet of paper, much as you do a souffle, to save cutting the cake out?

          As to the recipe - definitely sounds yummy. The only thing that maybe I'd change is instead of using the vanilla I'd either stir into the hot water a couple of teaspoons of a good quality soluble coffee which I find gives a nice kick to most chocolate cakes, or alternatively, my own special down and dirty trick, blend in a couple of spoons of a dark navy rum. Terrible I know, but I love it!

          PS - Good to see that my namesake and pal also dabbles in the kitchen too. You definitely can't keep good men down!
          Jim in Mexico

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          - Albert Einstein


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            Jim and Jim,

            Nice seeing some guys handy in the kitchen. Gloria, you've got to give this cake a try.

            Jim, I think if you dissolve some instant espresso powder in the hot water along with the cocoa, that should give you a nice mocha. Or, you could just use coffee as the dissolving liquid for the cocoa.

            I did some research about the need for the center tube, and it seems to be necessary for even baking. Some sources suggest a ceramic cup. There's a metal cup that's sold for use with large layers (see my wedding cake video) that might also be usable. The pan sides need to be straight, and the batter needs to grab them for the cake to rise properly. Maybe using parchment to line the bottom would work--there would still be the sides to hold it firm.

            Guess you won't know until you've tried!

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              Hi again Carole - thanks for the extra info. I think I have the answer for the metal tube and that base seeing as I have some thin aluminium sheet in the work shop to play with. As to using paper, I see your reasoning but maybe I'll give it a try.

              As to what to do with all those additional egg yolks, I usually make lemon curd but for other ideas this link is worth checking out

              Recipes to Use Up Extra Egg Yolks (Food and Whine)

              I'll let you know what happens later
              Thanks again!
              Jim in Mexico

              Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
              - Albert Einstein


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