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    I guess today has been somewhat productive. Went in to work today to get interviewed for a possible promotion, I think it went fairly well. Now the question is when the state allows the facility to promote someone and if I did well enough to get it. Came home and went out to the shop to do some work and decided that the shop was way too messy to really get anything done, so cleaned it up some. It is still a mess but I can work in it now with out 4" of sawdust under my feet and always looking for my tools. One of these days I need to take everything out and clean it proper and re organize everything.

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    Hey, good luck with the promotion!!! And I always applaud the efforts to clean up and organize - I truly love it when I can just put my hand out and the tool I want is right there -- good job!


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      It appears there is a rash of that clean the shop bug going around. I found the only cure is to just geterdone then keep it that way, kinda.
      Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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      • John Smith
        Reply to Hello from Central Florida
        by John Smith
        Thanks guys, I have a lot of HDU left over from my sign business in various thicknesses.
        HDU doesn't "fuse" or repair itself under heat or friction. Only acrylics and some PVC materials do that. Depending on what part of the world you are in, you would have to google HDU Distributors...
        Today, 10:01 AM
      • Jim McDonald
        Reply to Phone call from son.
        by Jim McDonald
        My kids always call me since I am the one who probably did the stuff they are calling about.

        I know it's scary to get that call, but I'm glad to hear the charge exited where it did before it went any further.

        Probably hurts like hell and he has a copper taste in his mouth...
        Today, 09:52 AM
      • Sandy Oaks
        Reply to Hello from Central Florida
        by Sandy Oaks
        Welcome to the forum from TN. As a Pegas Distributor, Pegas has the Super Skip blades which works perfectly with acrylics at a reduced speed.
        Today, 09:40 AM
      • Rolf
        Reply to Hello from Central Florida
        by Rolf
        Welcome to the group. I look forward to seeing more of your work. You will probably need to slow down you scroll saw when cutting the urethane on the scroll saw. If the blade gets to hot it will fuse back together.
        I have used the house trim board material which I think is PVC. Where do you purchase...
        Today, 09:22 AM
      • John Smith
        Reply to Hello from Central Florida
        by John Smith
        thanks for the kind words - I'm not really a scroller "enthusiast", per se. I like to make dimensional signs and have always used the band saw, routers, or Roto-Zip to cut the elements out then do some handcarving to perk them up a bit. I'll put some of my projects in my folder later on....
        Today, 08:15 AM