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  • Helpful Assistance Please.

    I have been contacted by a USA guy seeking a Custom Made Wooden Sign for his business even though I live in South Australia, Australia.
    Can someone assist me by finding out IF the below person, address, and ph number are real,-

    I've had to remove this personal information from your post. Even if he is a scammer. He may end up being legit and it is against policy to place someone elses personal information on the forum. I agree it does sound suspicious however it would be sad if it turned out he is legit. If you would like this information from Roger please do so via a personal message. Thank you for your understanding.

    Mr. Harry Lanen contacted me via my website, saying he would like me to design a suitable sign for his bookshop, which he says is in, " Minasota, " but wouldn't say exactly where, then when I asked him for a address so I can get him a freight price, he supplies the above address, which to me is a bit, " odd," to say the least, also am a bit wary about the Wooden Sign order, for surely there must be numerous American Craftspeople who can supply a Wooden Sign as good quality as mine, and most probably for a lot less money, and also heaps cheaper freight.
    Your helpful assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    The area code 612 is indeed an area code for the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and a few surrounding areas such as Fort Snelling, St. Anthony. So that part of his explanation checks out. The zip code ( Postal code ) 28227 is the zip code for the Mint Hill area of North Carolina. I would be suspicious of this request. Only safe way to do the transaction is to get the money, freight included first and then make the sign and ship it. It may be something as simple as they are buying the sign as a gift for the owner of the shop in Minnesota and do not want them to know, however it is better to be safe than sorry. This of course is just my opinion.

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      Wooden Sign order from USA

      Thanks DW. This Mr. Harry Lanen has now taken to telephoning me, at all sorts of hours, as he has no idea as to the correct time difference between wherever he resides in USA and my home here in Port Vincent, South Australia. This evening he rang me, talking about His Bookshop in Minnesota, but when I asked IF the address is for his Shop, he answered, " YES, " then I asked nicely, " Why give me a North Carolina address, when your shop is located somewhere in Minnesota, which is a totally different place ?? "
      The call was instantly terminated at his end.
      He has since emailed me again asking for the freight cost to his North Carolina address, which to me does NOT make sense, therefore the more information I can find via this forum, the better.
      *** Last year I received an Order for a Custom Designed Coffee Table, from a guy who was, " supposed to be living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, ", then a Bank Check arrived in the mail with English Postage Stamps on the envelope, and a Birmingham, England, Post Office marking across the stamps,- the Bank Check turned out to be a FAKE when presented to my local bank. The person did NOT get his Custom Made Coffee Table, although he, " jumped up, & down," for some weeks afterwards. As for the " Address," Yes,- that was a FAKE too, complete with a fake contact number !!!!
      Thats why I am seeking information about this Mr.Harry Lanen through this forum,- just in case he's another scammer !!! ( Make sense ???? )


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        This looks like a scam if you ask me Roger. I tried to Google the name and nothing came up so I used Google maps and tried the address, the address kind of works but Google wants to "correct" it. According to Intellus the phone number is a land line and not a cell phone.
        Depending on which email you use you might be able to find out where the email came from. Go to your mailbox and select the message without opening it the right click and it should give you an option to view ??? (it could say header info, message source, etc)

        Another thing that would be helpful is the name of the bookstore. Sometimes it is easier to track down a business.

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          Just a thought,--

          Another option,- Would one of you USA forum members be able to telephone this Mr. Harry Lanen on my behalf, ask IF you can make the sign for him as it will cost heaps to ship the Wooden Sign from me, ( Roger Jenkins, Port Vincent, South Australia ), or maybe even get a friend who lives somewhere near to his Mint Hill, North Carolina address to arrange a personal visit, and see what his reaction is to this suggestion.
          The requested wooden sign;- H. LANEN - BOOKS
          Lettering to be 2 inches high routered on to a nice piece of timber with decorative routered edges., and a nice gloss lacquered finish. Apparently it is to go onto his Shop entrance door. BUT when I asked IF the door faces outside onto the street, or onto a covered Mall, as there are several different types of sealers available, - I did not receive an answer.
          I have given him a quote of US$44. for the lettering, plus US$20. for the piece of timber, plus whatever the shipping costs to his correct business address. Till I have definate confirmation as to exactly where this Mr. Harry Lanen actually lives, or works, I am NOT proceeding any further.


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            To Evilbadger,( Tim )

            Tim, Followed your instructions, Here's his email addy;-
            Please do not post other peoples personal information on the forum. which I gather is a free email site. Couldn't find any other useful info.

            Now IF everyone puts their heads together, we can all help discover who this guy is, and maybe, " give him one 'ell of a fright, " especially IF he is a scammer, which I am beginning to think he is. Over to all you members.
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              It SMELLS!! Is it worth the risk to even bother with this other than to put a stop to this kind of scamming?
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                  YES, have figured out this person is a scammer. During his last phone call, I mentioned I have received a large Toy Plans order from a client in, Saskatchewan, AND, Mr. Harry Lanen replied, " Where exactly is THAT place ?? "
                  Now IF he lives where he says he does, one would think he would know that Saskatchewan is a mid-west Canadian Province.
                  ( Maybe he's never been to school, or learnt anything at school !!!!! )


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                    Scammer caught himself out !!!!!

                    Boy, talk about being " Dumb !! " This guy caught himself out. He insisted the phone number he'd sent to me was a, ( wait for it ), a Mobile, ( cell ) phone number, and that he lived at Mint Hill, North Carolina, and, " DROVE," to his bookstore in the nearby town of, " Minnesota, " six days a week!!!! He also had no idea whatsoever as to here I live in Australia,- actually spoke as if he considered Australia to be, " just across the bay, " from San Francisco !!!!!
                    Talk about being Dumb.
                    If one was out to scam someone else, you'd think the scammer would do a bit of homework first, and make sure he's got his locations and story correct before he even begins!!!!


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