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My morning with Nature.

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  • My morning with Nature.

    Now I know Hummingbirds don't really have facial expressions per se...Or do they? I wish you could have witnessed my hummingbird this morning. I was sitting out eat my breakfast on the patio when he arrived for his breakfast. He was actually a tad earlier than i anticipated. He whirred his wings took a huge gulp of his nectar and stopped instantaneously, backed away from the feeder and shot a glance in my direction with what was certainly a look of astonishment and wonderment all in one.

    You see I had just a few minutes before re-filled his feeder with fresh sweet succulent nectar...directly from the fridge. It must have been to his liking because he gently landed on the provided perch and sat and slowly sipped his morning brew. he would take a short taste, pull his head back as if to revel in it's magic look around at me as if to convey..."hey you did good this morning." After what seemed like 10 minutes he again whirred off into his world. It was not intentional I have only seen him for the past 3 mornings & it has never been this early in the day so i thought there would be time for it to warm up in the morning sun. Oh well I suppose if it would hurt him he would have left and come back a little later. That reminds me I need a fresh batch of Sun tea to ice down in my fridge. I'll see you all later!
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    They are amazing to watch. We have many that come to visit and they do seem to know when the feeder has had a fresh fill.
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