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  • Important information. Please read...

    Recently I have gotten several (11) e-mails from saying my recent request to cancel my order has been processed with a 9 digit number & instructions on how to proceed to confirm the cancellation.

    I contacted Amazon This is a phishing scam. DO NOT click on anything in these e-mails simply delete the entire e-mail.

    I also have gotten similar messages from Verizon saying my account was past due for an enormous amount, and Medco saying I needed to contact them as they could not process my order for my prescriptions, with links to click through. Be very wary of these types of e-mails they are not valid.

    Instead of clicking on anything inside the e-mails if you are concerned that you may be over due or you need your prescriptions filled for instance. Go to a new browser window and type in the address of the url for the company and log in that way once you reach their site. Do not copy and paste anything out of the e-mail to save time. Type in the company website information.

    Be careful friends they are getting very sophisticated in their phishing scams.
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    Thanks Mike!
    Cherie Lee


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      I received the exact same email from Amazon a few days ago, Mike. Unfortunately, these things are disguised so well these days, that it is almost impossible to know whether they are real or not until after you click them. I did open mine and as soon as I did, I saw I was being redirected to a non-Amazon site, so I immediately closed it and deleted the EMail. Hopefully no ill effects came from opening it in the first place.
      Shawn Ferguson

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        We got one like that from Amazon too. Amazon's site says that anything coming to you that has is not from them. It says they never use a hyphen in their emails.


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          This type of Phising is fairly easily spotted folks. You do have to be aware that there are certain things legitimate companies will never do. Things like:

          * Send an email with an attachment asking for personal information
          * Ask you to click on a link to go change personal information such as name, email, review bank information etc.
          * There are a lot of times misspellings and weird wording of the message
          The most important tool for keeping your system clean is you. If in doubt about an email go directly to the companies website instead of clicking on the link in the email. Do not click on links in emails unless you have gone to a website that needs verification and they send you a verification email. Also keep your anti-virus up to date and periodically scan for malware installations.

          Life is hard. It is even harder when you are being stupid.
          John Wayne


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            I think those spammers are ticked at your for banning them so they're coming after you


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              Mike, Thanks for confirming my suspicions. A couple weeks ago I recieved two different e-mails from Verison thanking me for paying my bill for something around 1600 dollars. Verison and I have never had any contact with each other, ever. Two days ago I got another notice that my bill was due and could be viewed by clicking on the listed address. Needless to say these were all immediately deleted, but I did closely watch my credit card account and my checking account statements just in case they had gotten access to them. These were very sophisticated e-mails and could fool a lot of people.


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                Originally posted by Janette View Post
                I think those spammers are ticked at your for banning them so they're coming after you
                I had to laugh at this Janette, however, when I get an email that looks suspicious, I do not open, I send it to the junk and then delete it.
                Cherie Lee


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                  I have been lucky so far in getting emails that I don't recognize. If I don't recognize an email I spam it right away or just delete it, but, never open it. So far so good. Now they will probably bombard me ! HA


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                    Thanks all for the reminders that we need to be ever vigilant and careful about our e-mails. Like goofy, I never open one from someone I don't recognize. If they really want to contact me, they can call and give me the pleasure of hanging up on them.

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