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Happy Mother's Day

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  • Happy Mother's Day

    Unlike folks north of the border who will celebrate this coming Sunday, today in Mexico (May 10th) it is Mother's Day.

    Schools will usually put on some sort of celebration or a performance by the students to which all mother's are invited. They will then usually close down for the day in order that the female teachers get to celebrate the day with their families. Many companies and especially government offices will either give mothers the day off or allow them time out to attend school festivities.

    The day started early at our home as our next door neighbour contracted a band of mariachi musicians to wake up his aging mum at the crack of dawn with a typical trumpet blast and violins serenade. As I'm typing this message I can hear 'cohetes' - noisy thunderclap firework rockets - being set off around the town to celebrate the day and maybe also to remind anyone who might have forgotten the occasion.

    From midday on until later evening restaurants will be packed solid with families taking their mother's out for a meal As usual in Mexico you don't need too big an excuse to have a party but today is considered to be pretty special occasion and later so on we'll be joining in the throng.

    For families who have lost their mothers a visit to the local graveyards to cleanup the resting places and set fresh flowers will form a more sober part of the celebration.

    These days commercialism certainly has a hold on this type of celebration but also its nice to see folks taking a little time out of their hectic lifestyles in order that traditions can be maintained.

    To my many forum friends - and especially the mothers - who will celebrate either today or this coming weekend I'd like to wish you all

    Jim in Mexico

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    Thanks for the report on Mother's day in your part of the world.

    I went up the road to buy the normal card to celebrate the day ... in our family we make the sender of the card to be from the dogs and cats in the family, cos my wife is not my mum!! The only problem with my good intentions was that I was a week early ...bugger!!




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      Jim -- Thanks for the cultural update. We have a big cinco de Mayo celebration around here, but I didn't realize that today is Mother's Day -- and please do NOT tell my mother, as she feels like most any day is her day.

      Rhys -- WOW, a week early?? I'm lucky to be less than a week late. I'm not sure about our dog sending a card. We've been working on some tricks, but he still can't sign a card.
      Mtnman Jim

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        Thanks Jim. Happy mum's day to you as well.
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          Rhys, I thought we were the only people that gave cards like that from the dogs and cats we have.....2 legged kids grew up and moved away and now we have more kids....right

          Jim, I hope your Mothers Day went very well. All our kids live up and down the West Coast....lets see how many remember to call Mom on Sunday
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