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  • Shop rework

    I have been reworking my shop. When we moved into the house three years ago, the best part for me was the 15'x30' building (insulated, wired) that was already in the back. I have since removed all the built in benches and organized and organized. This weekend I started again making a wood storage section. It is hard to see in the pictures but next to the shelves of wood is a space for long boards (behind the levels). I had wood all over the place, so put the shelves in and now it is all organized. I hope I make it more than a week before it is a mess.

    The shop got a good cleaning and re-arranging too... I was waiting for my new 788 to arrive. It arrived yesterday so I took the old one down and installed the new one on the stand. I could hear the difference immediately, looking forward to cutting on it. Anyway, I thought it would be a shame to not take some pictures while the place is clean... ask away if you have questions about anything. Excuse the boxes at the far end, waiting for a trip to the transfer station to recycle.
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    Mark Abbett

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    Looks like you have yourself a nice, cozy space there.
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      Wow! What a super shop.
      Is that a 12" Craftsman band saw you have there?
      It looks like the same one I bought through craigslist a couple of years ago. The perfect size/power/capability for a small shop hobbyist. That's what I have come to believe about that saw.
      Again, super shop!



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        It's a 14" Grizzly (Z-series).

        I have three Grizzly tools, 40" lathe, the drill press, and the band saw.

        The lathe has problems with the switches, the knob for the variable speed broke and now it is very difficult to turn and the cover for the fuse is broken. I had to wire around it.

        The drill press.... all the knobs on the handles are broken, they fell apart. The depth stop is broken (the screws that mount it broke...) and one day when I wasn't using it I looked over and smoke was coming from the switch panel...

        The band saw...I don't use it a lot because I use the scroll saw most of the time. I did have to replace the tires, but I think that was normal wear and tear. I had to replace some other parts too though that should not have broken in the blade guard. Also, I have it on a shop fox mobile base and this weekend while I was moving it around one of the wheels disintegrated... like the rubber came off.

        I'm done with Grizzly. They are actually good tools...but the little things add up.

        I will grant you however, that none of these things broke in the first year, and being in the military I moved them from Jacksonville Florida to Lemoore California then here to Maryland. I built the router table in Lemoore.
        Mark Abbett


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          You have a very nice set up there..... I am green with envy....

          You do need some sawdust on the floor though....

          Honestly though you look like you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor...


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            That is a nice size shop and I like your layout. The only thing I would add on would be a dust collection system. I recently put one in my basement shop, I wish I had done it years ago when I first put the shop together.
            Are you still in the military or will this be home base now?
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              Nice looking area but entirely too clean. Get some sawdust on that floor poste haste. <grin>
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                Very nice shop. Looks ready for some fun and excitement!

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                  I retired from the Navy December 2nd. The plan is to stay here in Maryland for ten years at least, until the youngest is done with high school. Then hopefully move back to the midwest. Wife and I are both from Indiana, but will probably move to Tennessee or something. Of course, I'll have to go where the jobs are.

                  Here is a picture of me at my retirement, with the shadow box I made. The anchor inside is scroll cut then shaped with a dremel with a flex shaft, at least four hours of work. Solid cherry. I'm the handsome guy on the right...
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                  Mark Abbett


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                    Nice looking shop. "Clean the shop" remains on my to do lost, but .........
                    Mtnman Jim

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