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  • Been away and busy

    Hello folks! As most of ya's know, I have been a busy person these days and still am even after coming back from the show on Ohio. However, life has returned close to the norm of things. Jaun is back on the road and Scotty went to school, even though this is his last week.

    I have several projects I need to get my rear in gear and get done. Two are customized orders and then I have a consignment sale to get ready for. Plus the everyday routine of caring for the horses and the yard which is now out of control.

    I think my seminar went well. Day two even better even though i had only two students, the fact is Jaun my loving hubby helped me change it up a bit to include them and ask questions. One even walked away saying that he learned some new tricks! I felt real good about that.

    What was even better is the fact that I got to sit down and chat with Steve Good and others. Asked advice on pricing my patterns and how to set up if i am asked to do something like this again. (I am really hoping I can do it again)

    Thats about it, now to feed a wild man and get him ready for church. Have a goodin all.
    Cherie Lee

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    Glad to hear that all went well Cherie. Hope to meet up with you again soon.
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