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Dead Walnut Tree

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  • Dead Walnut Tree

    Hi Everyone:

    I have a dead walnut tree that needs to come down. Anyone interested in getting it down can have the wood. I live in Sacramento. I am afraid it will come down and take out my storage unit, one of my fences or one of my grandchildren or dogs. I have no clue what killed it. But it has been dead for at least three years now.

    P.S. I am Oily's sister.
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    WOW, it looks like there is no bark left on it. Looks almost like a birch tree. I'm from the midwest & they sure look a lot different when they still have the bark all on them. Would be some nice wood there if someone will work for it. Good Luck


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      There is a disease that is affecting Walnut trees. It is bad enough that almost 1/3 of the states have put a ban on moving unprocessed Walnut with bark across state lines. Here is a link to that disease. You may not be able to ship it across state lines.
      Thousand Cankers Black Walnut Disease
      Here is a link to what I could find for California.
      Thousand Cankers Disease - TCD in California

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        Nope the bark is on it. It is just that color and always has been. Interesting huh?


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          I got walnuts off it after I moved here for 2 years and then next year nothing at all. I never heard of that disease and I haven't seen any little bugs or anything. It just died. It sprouted at the bottom the next two years and then completely died out.
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            That is a sad situation & I didn't know it was happening. The walnut is a special tree, because of all the beautiful things made from it. I love to make things with it, in particular, the base for desk top items. I sure hope it doesn't get any worse. Thanks for the info.


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              Gosh, I wish someone locally would help me bring it down. I hate to just haul it away.


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                Hi Oily's sister

                I don't think you are getting any volunteers because most of us scrollers are not set up with the proper equipment. To take a tree down and cut it into manageable boards usually requires a sawmill.

                I would suggest you check your area for a local sawmill. If the tree is not bug infested to the point where they have destroyed the wood there is a chance the sawmill will take it down, haul it away, and even pay you for it.

                Good Luck with it.

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                  Thanks Tim. I will look into that or maybe post it on


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                    You probably want someone qualified and insured too.
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