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    Hi Everyone: Been working on a website for my woodwork and just got it launched on the web. I would like to thank the members of the forum who helped with their evaluations and suggestions. This kind of advice is invaluable. Check it out. Thanks, Dick
    Dick Miraglia

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    A lovely showcase for your work, Dick. I like that it's informative without being commercial, and gives a nice sense of you as a person (including how to pronounce your name!) as well as a craftsman.

    That your work is incredible goes without saying. Now you've given it a fitting home. Congratulations!

    (BTW, your work would look terrific rendered in sugarpaste on top of a cake!)

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      Bruce said he felt like he needed to look for a job when he first retired. That lasted for about a month and he hasn’t looked back since. I had a friend whose company gave him a 50th party. At the party he told them he was retiring in 2 weeks! Trust us, you will love being retired.
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      Hi ibber - LOL!

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      Hi Rolf - the unit I bought will also do Tig welding once you buy the optional accessories - torch, nozzles etc: - plus it will do conventional stick welding too. I doubt I'll be heading down the TIG route anytime soon, at least not for the projects I have in mind at the moment.

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