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    We are heading home to Florida from Chicago where my daughter was married last weekend. Because we have no reason to be home at any specific time, we decided to avoid the interstates and drive down the Great River Road which parallels the Mississippi River from the Quad Cities in Iowa to New Orleans. We are so glad we chose to do this. Yesterday we drove across northern Illinois into Iowa. Today we visited Hannibal, Mo and all the Mark Twain sites, then drove down to St. Louis where we'll spend a couple of days. My hub has never been here and wants to go to the top of the Arch, even if it means getting into something that resembles a front loading washing machine to ride up there.....and back down.

    It's amazing how much we miss when we stay on the interstates and speed past the world. I had forgotten how genuinely nice the Midwesterners are.


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    Hey Jan - glad to hear that John and yourself are soaking up the sights. I'm with you in spirit if not in flesh!

    So, John wants to ascend to new heights does he? Do you aim to join him or are you going to be like me and steer clear of that washing machine? - LOL!

    Have a steady and safe journey back and enjoy the time out from your usual routine. PS - keep John away from any wells!
    Jim in Mexico

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein


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      Jan I know what you mean about the interstate. The wife and I traveled from California across the top of the Country, down to Florida, across the lower part of the Country and up to Washington State twice in two years selling items at fairs and festivals along the way and seldom got off the busy roads. I doubt we will ever drive that route again, now that we live in Hawaii. We spent nearly 2 months camped right down the road from Camp David over the Christmas Holiday season and did not see anything special except for the inside of the Mall. Glad you are out seeing the sites.


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        Originally posted by Jan View Post
        We are heading home to Florida from Chicago where my daughter was married last weekend.
        Have a great trip. Pretend I waved at you in Chicago We were there for my brother's wedding this weekend.



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