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Fun with Food, for real!

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  • Fun with Food, for real!

    Sunday was my son Jon's wedding, and as some of you know, I was commissioned to do the cake. Given that my new DIL is a pastry chef, this was a high compliment.

    Here are pictures of the completed cake, and the way it was set up at the reception. Please note that I made a major concession and actually wore a dress. The things you have to do for your children!
    wedding cake.jpg Carole and cake #2.jpg

    Jon and Lisa also had a "sand ceremony" which was so '70's I couldn't believe it. They each poured sand from their own beakers into a frame so the grains could intermix, representing their new union.

    Sand ceremony.jpg

    I will be posting videos on YouTube about the making of the cake board (using a scroll saw and sewing machine) and also one about making the cake (no scroll saw needed), and will let you know when those are up and running.

    It was fun to do, and a nice way to be a meaningful part of the celebration. I also gave them the double ring box from my new book to hold the wedding bands. So, once again, my presence reflected my two passions--scrolling and baking. Couldn't ask for much more!

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    Very nice looking cake Carole ! WOoooohoo look at the legs . You look good in a dress.

    Congrat's to them both
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      The Wedding Cake

      A magnificent job, Carole, as I knew it would be. Something to be remembered forever. Appears that the entire affair was fantastic. By the way, you look real good when you "clean up".
      Mary and I send our very best wishes to you Carole and to Joe and please extend our hearty congratulations to the newlyweds.
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        It's great when we can add those little personal touches to the meaningful events in our loved ones lives. Those memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

        Congratulations Carole and best wishes to the newlyweds!
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          A dress AND fancy shoes too........Wow, sweeeet to the max.
          Your cake effort looks spectacular, did you make the bride & groom out of frosting too?
          Congrats to the newlyweds.
          Maybe it is a reflection of some kind but is your arm in a cast?
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            Tremendous job on the cake, I wouldn't want to be the person in charge of transporting it though. Is this dress up thing going to become a habit? I doubt it, but it we can never tell. LOL


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              Well, I gotta admit that it was fun to dress up, and I did manage to find a dress that was comfortable and fit really well, right off the hanger. Maybe it will inspire Joe to take me out someplace nice for dinner. Thanks for the compliments--glad I'm still able to get them.

              I see a new trend--scrollers in dresses. Could be interesting . . . . .

              It was the lighting, WD, fortunately, that gave that strange effect on my arm. Very purple and disco, but very nice, and appropriate to the younger age of most of the guests. But the noise level was much louder than my shop vac and scroll saw combined, and there was no hearing protection that would go with my outfit.

              Here's a close-up of the bride and groom figures. They were made from sugar paste, matched to the actual clothes they wore. That top layer and the one under it were dummies, to be saved and displayed in an acrylic box. Keepsakes were part of my "signature" as a cake decorator.

              wedding cake close-up.jpg

              The only thing I didn't make were the flowers. I used to do everything myself, but I'm in a "shoulder conservation" mode these days, so it really made sense to get them ready made.

              Jack, the transporting of the cake was actually not a problem. An 18" box will fit in the front seat of our car, and with the seat forward, wedges against the dashboard. I usually sit in the back, and keep my mouth shut. The cake is doweled together internally so it can't shift. I discovered we were out of ordinary 1/4" dowel, so I had to use one of my oak ones, wiped down with vodka to be sure it was clean. The largest tier used 1/4" dowel for supports, cut with the scroll saw, of course, but I got away with using plastic drinking straws for supports for the next tier. Most people don't realize how much construction is used to keep the cake from collapsing. I haven't lost one yet!

              Part of the fun doing this was looking forward to sharing it with my forum "family". We really are a special group!

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                I see a new trend--scrollers in dresses. Could be interesting . . . . .
                Will I have to shave my legs?

                Nice job on the cake and congrats to the newly weds.
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                  Impressive. So many talents, so little time. Best wishes to the bride and groom. Does he share in your artistic talents?


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                    Very impressive! You look great in a dress and the cake is amazing, what detail.
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                      OMG Carole...even a dress!!! I don't even think about it to wear one.... but you look fabulous in it! Congratulations with the wedding of your son, and the awesome cake!

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                        Carole, you are one incredibly talented lady, and you are SO special for sharing your talents with everyone! Absolutely beautiful job on the cake (including the engineering) -- and I DO love the dress. So, this dinner out that Joe IS going to take you to has to be more than McDonalds!


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                          McDonalds does have a menu option with special sauce for that special someone. I guess that only worked in high school. Try it today and it would mean sleeping in the shop.


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                            Isn't is fun to see your child get married. Wonderful cake you made Carole. I remember the last wedding with one of our daughters. We flew in a couple days early so Janet (my wife) could make the cake....that sure was a large cake..... And NO, I am not going to wear a dress....


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