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  • Crazy Weather

    Crazy weather here in NE Texas! One day near 90 deg. and tonight near 43 deg.! Good sleeping weather, and glad flannel sheets still on bed!


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    Not much better here in SE Texas either although maybe a bit milder temps. After the front yesterday it's really chilly here this morning, low 50s but supposed to warm up to the mid 80s today.

    Almost forgot to say that I know about NE Texas weather. Fiance used to live in Hawkins on a little farm. She was killed before we could marry though. But still remember those days and nights.
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      We get some of those days here in Indiana.
      I wore shorts yesterday and I have the furnace running right now.

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        We have crazy weather here in the UK too, the last two weeks in march were beautiful really warm 24degees short sleeves and shorts were the order of the day, now we are in April and it is very cold for the time of year, wet and miserable. I think we have had our summer back in March.



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          Our summer is yet to come. Long, hot, dry, sweaty days ahead still to come. By November we will be ready for some cooler weather.


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            Been a little warmer here the past week, but most of the year it's 70's and 80's every day.


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              Folks ... it could be worse. Here in Upstate NY (I am talking near the Great Lakes not Westchester County) we had some snow of varying amounts depending on what elevation you live at, where you live, and the associated temperature. Where I live we had mostly rain but there is a small amount of snow by the wood shed and just 15 miles south, the roads were covered and schools closed. In route to radiation we had a mixture of rain and snow coming down. Last Friday I was planting and shielding myself from the sun and 81 degree heat. Funky weather is certainly the word.
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