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  • Frenchy is OK

    Just in case any of you received an e-mail from Don French (Frenchy)--he is still in Indiana and all is well.

    He is NOT stranded in Manila with an angry hotel keeper as the e-mail stated. Like so many other of my friends lately, his account has been hacked.

    Despite what the note stated, I talked to him on his "stolen" cell phone at 20:42 this date and he is dealing with this breach through his ISP.

    It goes without saying, but don't open a get rich quick message; don't buy discount drugs; you really are not the trustee of a vast sum of money from a Nigerian king; etc.
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    Thanks Jim, got an email from him as well....I knew it couldn't be right, it's not like Don is...
    I mailed to him but got no reply yet... I'm happy he and his family is fine!

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      OH C__P how do I get my money back?
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        Rolf: I didn't get it yet. You sent it here didn't you????? LOL These hacker may think it funny. Maybe one of these days they'll get whats coming to them. Sorry for any problem this may have caused to any of you. Frenchie The problem is fix


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