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    The Woodworking Show is held every fall/winter in cities across the U.S. Each year they hold a ShowOFF Showcase contest for all woodworkers. I entered one of my projects a couple of years ago and was told that scrollsawing couldn't compete with other types of woodworking. Of course I took that as a challenge and I had to try again. I entered my Cana Lighthouse. It won in Milwaukee and now it is competing against the 18 other winners to determine the ultimate winner for 2012. If you would like to see the winners, they are posted on facebook at:
    The Woodworking Shows | Facebook

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    you got my vote and not just because it's scrolling
    May the wind at you back .....
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      there all very nice but I'm sticking with the scroll sawers so you got my vote.

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        I threw a vote your way...

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          Wow - Guys - Thanks for the votes. I really appreciate them



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            Me too, I voted for it but only because I like it.
            Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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              It's very nice. I love the detail of the branches. I voted for your lighthouse. Good Luck!


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                I voted for you too. The dragon from Texas is awesome as well..
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                  Thanks everyone - your support is greatly appreciated.

                  Mike - I also thought that the dragon was pretty cool, but I can't vote for the competition

                  Karen - Thanks for the comment on the branches. I experimented with a dremel to shape them and I was nervous that I would break something & have to start over. Actually my kitty cat knocked the top layer off the table and the branch over the lighthouse broke off. Good thing that I am good with glue.

                  Trout - I have seen some of the wonderful models that you make, such as the stage coach, truck and tug boat. Since there are a couple similar projects in the contest, I am glad that you stayed with us scrollsawers

                  Oily, Jim & StephenD - Thanks for the kind words & the vote.


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