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How not to run out of Chicken Stock

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  • How not to run out of Chicken Stock

    Hello Everyone
    My wonderful wife Evelyn is a great cook, Her home made soup are great. She uses Chicken Stock when she makes her soup as well as many other recipes so she really doesn't lie when she runs out. I think I have come up with a way for us to alway have Chicken Stock in the house. I could be walking on Really Thin Ice here but here goes. I'm going to buy a share or two of Tyson or Holly Farms and keep them posted in our kitchen so I can tell Evelyn "See we still have Chicken Stock"
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    Booooooooo Hisss Boooooooo ROFL!
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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      Oh, no, that will get old to your wife, real quick, HA I don't think it will work. She will remain a good cook though. Thank you very much !


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        Bad investment, Dan. You should look into buying Guinea Pig....I hear they're the next big thing.

        The chicken market has never recovered since the great arrest scandal of '07.

        Shawn Ferguson

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          That is a real groaner. thanks.
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            Only a sailor would think of such a plan. I love it! (Of course, I was a sailor one time, also). If I was gonna put money on it, though, I don't think my wife would appreciate the 'creative' resolution.

            But, that's just "my" wife.

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              Thanks for the laugh,It started my day off on the right foot.
              B ut be careful the next time you want a chicken dinner ,it might have a
              paper taste to it.


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                Oh come on Mike it wasn't that bad was it. You might be right about that John, Evelyn says "Too much time on the boat" Shawn you do have a point the stock could turn out to be fowl. I'm glad my post help to start out your day wjdclocks1.
                sigpic: Dan US Navy PR1 (Ret)
                To all who serve or have served, Thank you
                Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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