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  • Air Conditioner in Woodshop

    I don't know if this should be posted here or the coffee shop but, I need some advice and suggestions from you experienced scrollers and woodworkers. It is starting to heat up here in Texas,and my little cabin (10x 20) that I converted to my woodshop, is getting hot. I have a window unit (mounted in wall), but, do not know if it would clog up or if it was a fire hazard with the wood dust. I do not have a dust collector, but use a shop vac attached to the dust port on the tool that I am running. I have 4 windows open and a fan in the doorway and a turbine on the roof to pull out some of the hot air. Any suggestions and opinions and advice would be appreciated.


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    I live in NC and we get very hot and humid. I have used a window unit. The shop will never get cold but it is workable. Yes the dust will clog the filter so wash it often. To help with dust in the air you can also make a home made air cleaner. Take a 20 x 20 box fan and tape a high quality HVAC filter to the intake side. The filter should be changed once a month or as needed but it will help save the lungs.
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      I run the window A/C in my workshop occasionally, here in SW Louisiana it gets pretty hot & humid, I try to work in the workshop early in the mornings before it gets too hot or at night so as to save electricity. The 20 x 20 box fan with a A/C filter on it reduce the airborne dust drastically, I have one and am about to get another it works so well.
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        Believe it or not it gets hot in West Michigan too. I have a small workshop and

        use a 5000 btu window unit. I check the filter and clean it when neccessary.

        I always run my dust collection and air cleaner when making dust and haven't

        had any problems.
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          I have a window unit here in My Lubbock Texas workshop that works well for me. (Dry Heat here) Even furnace filters let some of the dust get to the coil so I use a brass brush and clean the coil regularity.
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