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is this copyright infringement?

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  • is this copyright infringement?

    Say I take 5 coloring book images off the internet of Minnie Mouse....make my pattern off these images for scroll saw cutting....can i sell the wood plaques at craft fairs and farmers markets with the images I cut into them from these patters I created? Is this copyright infringement since its just local small scale items?

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    It is my understanding that items made from copyrighted characters like Minnie Mouse and are sold constitute copyright infringement. I also understand that Disney takes a very dim view of such usage. I'm not a copyright attorney, so I may be wrong, but I think I'm not.



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      Jan is correct. Disney is not one to flirt with.
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        What you describe would be copyright infringement. It does not matter if it's small, local, or otherwise. The copying of the picture is direct infringement unless you are authorized to do so. If you were to use the actual coloring book page and cut from that it would be considered a derivative and still be an infringement. Not worth the time or aggravation should anyone ever want to pursue the issue especially when there so many other great designs available.

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          thanks everyone

          your replys are pretty much what i figured they would be but i just wanted to check, as you said way too many other designs to make for sale that would be in the clear.


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            I did Tinkerbell for my niece for her 4th B-day. I won't put it on my website though
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              Hi - sounds like surefire case of copyright to me and the worst thing about placers like the USA is that there are many lawyers out there who make big bucks by specializing in prosecuting copyright offenders and they are always on the lookout for offenders however big or small.

              On a more positive note. I was talking to a local craftsman in Mexico last year who legally uses Disney images in conjunction with educational material he produces for kinder and primary schools. He told me that there is an office in Mexico where one can submit design ideas for approval and dependent on the nature of the product and the volumes to be produce a royalty fee can be setup. This guy told me that although it cost him money to obtain an approval the sum wasn't so great and could be absorbed into his prices without a problem.

              The same office also handles copyright approvals for a number of the big film studios.

              I suppose a similar situation must exist in the US
              Jim in Mexico

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