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A helping hand for a sick friend

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  • A helping hand for a sick friend

    A friend of mine has been going through and continues having a difficult time. 15 years ago or so, he worked in the engineering department of Motorola developing the Iridium satellite phone. But the stress of not knowing if he would be retained or fired when the next takeover took place took a toll on his mental health. He developed ulcers and an alcohol addiction on top of his smoking. He has used inpatient care on several occasions for his mental problems. Now, 5-6 years after getting sober and quitting cigarettes, he has stage 4 lung cancer. The tumor in his chest is pressing against his spine and continues to grow despite the chemotherapy. He starts radiation soon, but the doctors think he will be paralyzed within 6 months and has maybe a year to live.

    He lives in an old small trailer and asked me to make a railing for him to use as he goes up the steps to the door. Here is what I made. Just couldn't figure out how to do it with wood, so went for metal. I'll install it tomorrow along with a grab bar for the tub.

    Keep Mike in your thoughts & prayers. Both his parents are dead and he never married, so has no family. Sad story, but this is such a caring group that I thought I'd share it with you.

    PS My son's dog, Mushroom, got into one of the pics I took, so couldn't resist posting it.
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    Mtnman Jim

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    Mtnman the railing looks good and strong and should work great. Your friend will be in our thoughts and prayers.
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      Friends can and often do fill in for family........he is lucky to have you Jim, I hope and pray his health issues are tolerable for him.
      Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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        Hi Jim - I echo Gloria's sentiments. It's good he has a friend in you at such a difficult stage of his life and I hope that he manages to make it to the end with the minimum of suffering, assisted by your continued friendship and help.
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        Jim in Mexico

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          our prayers are with him and you thank you for being a good caring friend to him


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            Jim, you are a treasure. He is very fortunate to have you for a friend. My prayers are with him & hope that he is spared the suffering, with his illness. Thanks for caring Jim, & letting us know about your friend. Take Care & God Bless.


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              Mike is on the list.

              And, for those who do not know this - this place below is one, (of hundreds) of online prayer services. You can call, put in someone's name or nature of the prayer requested and they will put that person on the list for 30 days at a time. Prayer works.
              Silent Unity


              (PS - if you are one of those people - like I was - who needs a booster shot about the "issue" of prayers check out this book. If you can't afford this book and can't get to a library near you let me know and I'll help find a way to get a copy to you. Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Approach by Larry Dossey (Nov 1, 1989) ).
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                Friends like you are rare. You have earned you halo and wings.

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                  GOD Bless you Jim for helping your friend in time of his need. It is so sad to see friends go through bad times in their lives, but it feels good when we can give a helping hand to them or their family.


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                    Prayers for your friend. Glad you are there to give him some aid and comfort. In fact, my prayers were sent yesterday, but I wasn't in the mood to post.

                    My Brother-in-law's only sibling was recently diagnosed with bone cancer that had metastized from a tumor in her lung. She has also been given a prognosis of less than a year and is undergoing chemo now. He and my SIL are leaving for Utah right after the craft show and it's unlikely they will be coming down for their usual winter stay.

                    Sad times for all involved.

                    Nancy in AZ
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                      Thanks everyone for the kind words and for keeping Mike in your thoughts & prayers. Today I installed the railing and a grab bar for him to use in the tub.

                      It looks like Mike will be accepted into a clinical trial. That will help him a lot financially in addition to providing more hope & support for him.

                      Nancy -- Sorry to hear about your BIL's sister. Sounds like she is in a position to Mike's. Please tell your BIL & SIL hi from me and that I'll be remembering them and your BIL's sister in my thoughts & prayers.
                      Mtnman Jim

                      taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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