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  • Thumbs Up!

    I request late last week for a catalog from the Wooden Teddy bear and guess what came in the mail today? What fast service that was.

    Lee Valley tools gets my thumbs up too. I put in an order late Sunday night and when I came home from work last night I received a shipping confirmation number, that should get to the door step tomorrow.

    Other places I've dealt with and was very happy with the service, fast delivery as well as prices were,

    Sandpaper store
    This place has great prices on all types of sand papers

    Lange Vin Forest

    This place has lots of nice stuff a little to expensive but worth it, but what I love is the selection on books they have


    Marcel, you must know this place? Best prices in town with great service in store to help you make up your mind.

    Berry Basket
    I love this place for patterns no shipping fees just need to click away. I would only wish to have a Catalog to look at instead of going on line.

    If anyone else wants to share places they shop at for supplies and are happy with I would like to know as to increase my selection of place I can get things and get the best prices.

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    How much commission are you on from these guys, Eric ?

    I know you're just trying to recommend companies that you've found to give good service, but let's not paint the forum with lots of gratuitous advertising. We're here primarily to exchange knowledge about scrolling techniques. From time to time some members may look for advice about supplies and it's great when we can suggest companies who might be able to assist. Let's try to keep it at that, especially when companies are mentioned that don't reciprocate by extolling the virtues of our host publication.

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      Heres a great place to buy your books!

      (Bob, send commission in an unmarked envelope) Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Dale, that's a good one.

        Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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          Good one Lucky!

          THANKS for the list Eric. I've been VERY pleased with Wooden Teddybear myself.

          Anotherr great company to deal with if you are into turning is Craft Supplies USA at
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            Another great place to check is the advertising index of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts...Since in one way, they are supporting this forum!


            Under further consideration, I've removed the links from the thread...if anyone wants the information, feel free to PM Eric...but I'm also afraid that people not on the list--especially if they advertise in the magazine--may get upset.

            I agree that it is a good resource, but the direct links makes it too much like advertising for me.
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