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This thread is dedicated to John B

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  • This thread is dedicated to John B

    OK John time to get even for all the TOE jokes.
    I put the first new blade on my table saw the other day so it was a nice clean cut. LOL
    12 stitches and broken bone.
    Blood spatter hit a piece I had ready to go so I had to sand and refinish it then I ran in to the ER and got stitched up.
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    May the wind at you back .....
    Not be from Lunch.

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    Children, I told you to be careful with daddies tools. Now go to your room and think about what you did.


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      Geez Rob...What the heck...
      Hey if you wrap it in vet-wrap, you'll still be able to get a decent grip while you scroll.

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        I'm Southern. Round here we woulda fixed that right up with bailin' wire & duct tape!


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          Dang...that had to hurt...Glad it wasn't worse.
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            Rob -- you know that most of us test a new blade for sharpness by cutting some wood. -- It doesn't take a very sharp blade to wack into a thumb. Sure am glad to hear that all you needed is some stitches. There have been too many reports here of serious cuts serving as serious reminders here that other saws and shop tools can be dangerous.
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              Rob - wow your thread title certainly got my attention.

              Get well soon.
              Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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                A kiss and a big hug from mom....get well soon my son x

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                  Darn it Rob - another one bites the dust. I think it's time we asked Fox Chapel to print some membership cards for the 'My saw bit me' club!

                  Real glad that the accident didn't turn out any worse and hope you repair quickly.

                  PS - I see in your avatar that you are drinking beer with your left hand. Hope that's not true in real life otherwise the accident might be a really serious inconvenience
                  Jim in Mexico

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                    Ouch, hope I don't toss my cookies.........sorry to read of your accident Oily.
                    Hope you are getting lots of TLC. Keep it clean, no need for infection to set in.
                    Now you will have something for Show & Tell at Saratoga.
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                      Man! I broke the tip of my middle finger like that back in 2004. I have NEVER been able to grip with it the same way again. There are other things about broken bones that you don't find out about until later.

                      I hope you heal well.

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                        The bright side is ya won't need to wear a name tag ay the Saratoga show....
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                          "Holy Moly" Rob, you sure know how to scare people. Watch it, next time. Glad it wasn't any worse than you described. Hope it mends OK & fast too. I put a new blade on my Miter Saw the other day & all it did was burn the wood, not my hand, HA Now take care.


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                            Ouch! Rob, that's gotta hurt. Glad you got away with stitches and a broken bone. At least it's still attached. After it's healed you can show off the scar to your drinking buddies - Lol
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                              That looks and sounds like it has to hurt. I wonder if you're going to be easy to spot or if you'll blend in at Saratoga (us woodworkers are prone to these types of mishaps for some reason ). Sorry to hear and count your blessings it wasn't any worse!

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