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    I thought I would have more time to get in here when I lost my job. Boy, was I wrong!! I have been so busy working for myself I wonder how I got everything done when I worked!! In addition to scrolling, I am selling Avon and doing quite well. I even manage to combine the two! When someone buys some Avon products, I suggest one of my baskets to put the items in for a lovely gift!! IT WORKS!!! I have gotten into 5 more shows, one of them a big 2 day Thanksgiving show. Hubby is quite happy now that we aren't eating dinner at 8:00 at night. Life is just so much more relaxed and happier. And yes, I am STILL smiling about being fired!! I may even send the jerk a thank you card!!! I read a sign this past year and it said "If opportunity isn't knocking, build a bigger door." Well, the jerk that fired me gave me a bigger door and I kicked it open with both feet!!! Now, if I could just figure out how to get my pictures posted in here!!

    "Congress needs to realize it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not of the people, by the people and for Congress." - Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins Hospital

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    Will, good for you. I have always said, opportunity is always just around the corner. We just have to look for it and then recognize it when we see it. Sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders. You will do fine.


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