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Day out in the Italian Dolomites - a photo tour

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  • Day out in the Italian Dolomites - a photo tour

    Hi Folks - as my work contract in northern Italy rapidly draws to an end in 6 weeks time I've been trying to pack in as many weekend days out as possible to see as much of this part of the country as I can. Last Saturday, 8 days back, I made a massive 650 km circular tour by car of the Italian Dolomites up and around the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

    I started out at just turned 3:00 am and arrived back home around 7:00 pm and spent almost 13 hours behind the wheel, more than half of which was on snaking roads through deep valleys and up and over high mountain passes. I certainly drove my fair share of hairpin bends but since the going was slow I was able to take in the sights on the way. I honestly didn't plan to drive so far but the Dolomites and the surrounding area just impressed and fascinated me so much that I kept going further north to see what more I could take in. I'm glad that I did especially since I never know if I'll have the opportunity to revisit these places in the future and to capture the images in my mind in addition to on camera is a little bit special.

    I've put together some of the shots of the Dolomites to share and before my stay in Italy is done I'm going to revisit a couple of the areas I found closer to home to take a calm walk around some towns and villages and take photos of the typical south Tyrolean style architecture and hopefully a greener landscape as the warmth of spring brings the alpine pastures to life.

    For folks on slow bandwidth connections it may be better to download a presentation and view it afterwards. The presentations are both the same however better to choose the Powerpoint one if you can view it as the images are full screen.

    Flash presentation 6.8 Mb - view directly in your browser or any preferably, to see larger images, in any flash compatible media player

    Powerpoint show, 10 Mb - designed in Powerpoint 2007

    Enjoy my day out - as usual, I surely did!

    PS - I remembered to take my spectacles with me on this trip - !
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    Jim in Mexico

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    - Albert Einstein

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    Fantastic tour and narrative Jim! Thanks for taking us along!


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      Thanks for sharing Jim! You spend your free time very good, really enjoy the tour you made...

      Visit Frieke's gallery

      Don't let the pain of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.


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        Thanks for sharing another one of your fantastic journeys. I do find it amusing that you have seen more snow this winter than I have. Yesterday, we enjoyed 70F weather and the snow has been gone for about 3 weeks. We normally have temps in the 40F this time of the year.
        I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your time in Italy.


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          Awesome Jim......thanks for sharing once again. Feels like I've been on a vacation with all your photos and narratives.
          Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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            Thanks folks for the encouraging comments -

            Now here's an added treat for any gardener's out there.

            Yesterday I set off to a lake nearby called Lago d'Iseo in the hopes for yet another photoshoot session but this time the weather got the better of me and a thick haze dropped over the area.

            To try to escape the gloom and doom I headed upwards towards a mountain pass called Croci Domini which leads from Lago d'Iseo to the massive Lago di' Garda close to where I live. This turned out to be another bad move. After driving steadily upwards for 15 kms I came across a sign saying the pass was closed until the end of April. Ah well, you can't win then all!

            Traveling back down the road for about 10 kms I rounded yet another sharp bend and a flash of colour caught my eye. I stopped the car and walked back with my camera and on the steep banks of the bend in what at first looked to be a mass of dryish leaves in between a few straggly trees I came across a beautiful display of wild alpines. The only ones I recognize are the yellow centered primulas. Maybe some gardeners on the forum can tell me the names of the blue and the small white flowers. Absolutely beautiful!

            Now I just need to learn how to use the macro setting on the camera to get these beauties in focus

            First shot - the somewhat drab looking roadside bank

            The other shots - the jewels hiding in amongst the drab dried leaves
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            Jim in Mexico

            Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
            - Albert Einstein


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              Thanks Jim, I really did enjoy our day on the road together, but next time you will have to turn up the heater in the car...


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                Jim -- Thanks for the wonderful tour. Nice to see that you are on the lookout for outhouses. Also, good to hear of your struggle to overcome fear and take the ride to the summit.
                Mtnman Jim

                taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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                  Breathtaking views Jim and expertly photographed. You have certainly made the most of your time in Italy. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, it's been awesome. As I mentioned in one of your previous posts I visited the area in the seventies whilst on holiday in Austria. I visited the towns of Bolsano and Vipiteno, (spellings may not be correct), but it was summer time and although still beautiful not as impressive as shown in your pictures. Thanks again Jim, keep 'em coming mate.
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                    Hi Jim. Thanks for spending the time to make up your travel presentation. There is certainly spectacular scenery around the Dolomites. I had fun in that area driving a campervan backwards and forwards over some of those high passes until I nearly got stuck in a one way tunnel.


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                      next time you will have to turn up the heater in the car...
                      Hey Larry - I guess that's the sort of answer I'd expect from someone more used to walking across lava fields in beach shoes! Being behind the wheel you actually don't feel the cold until you have to pull up at 5 am to take a leak. Then when the temp is down to -10C you find out that things really do expand with heat and shrink with cold - LOL!

                      good to hear of your struggle to overcome fear and take the ride to the summit.
                      Jim - Fear is for wimps! Lets just call this extremely nervous apprehension mixed with too much imagination!

                      Thanks again Jim, keep 'em coming mate
                      Not sure how to top this trip off Mick but apart from visiting Freike for Easter I am toying with one full weekend back up into the Alps just after Easter. This weekend I found an interesting article on a fairly remote village by the name of Sauris di Sopra (Upper Sauris) in the Carnic Alps where all the buildings are original wooden ones and the views are said to be especially good. The area is a little laborious to reach but that sounds to me like a good reason for checking it out as it probably won't be so crowded with tourists. It sounds like a good swansong for my stay in Italy. We'll see!

                      I had fun in that area driving a campervan backwards and forwards over some of those high passes
                      Hi Kiwi - having now driven many of those passes and hairpin bends I can imagine just how much fun you would have. The problem isn't so much driving around the often blind hairpins but worrying about whether someone is coming at you head on in the opposite direction! What would be really exciting though is making this sort of tour in late spring or summer on a nice big motorbike. Now that I would love!
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                      Jim in Mexico

                      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                      - Albert Einstein


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