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Outsourcing I dont understand

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  • Outsourcing I dont understand

    We subscribe to out local news paper and it's normally delivered by 6AM. Well this morning at 8AM we still had no paper. So I called the local number ( The paper is printed at 10 miles from our house.) After going through the automated system I was transfered to an operator...I was thinking it would be one right here in town. Oh no the call went to India I had a really hard time understanding the person but I was able to tell them what I needed. I just dont understand what you need to talk to someone half way around the world to get something that comes from a place 10 miles away when people around here need a job.
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    people from around here don't want to work for a bowl of rice a day.
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      Sadly it is all about profits. Your local newspaper is looking to make every penny they can. If they can lower the head count they will. It is benefits that don't have to be paid either. When a company gets to this point, you have 1 very greedy person running the show. Thats the bottom line, very sad but very true.


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        When that happens ask to be transferred to to a person in the US and they are supposed to do it.
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          Count me as one of the "greedy persons" because I use coupons and shop sales. Shoot, I even ask for a veterans or geezer discount. Like a business, I try to get buy without spending any more than I have to. It is the same thing.
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            I'm afraid I would demand someone who spoke English. I think it is required that they do. Furthermore, I would cancel the paper. I can live without it. I canceled mine two yrs. ago, because they kept throwing it under the vehicle in the driveway. I called twice & still no results. So, I canceled it. I also believe in American made. I try to anyway, as much as I can.


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              I have a friend that will not talk to people unless they are American Citizens...He will ask if they are American Citizens, and if they say No, he asks to speak to someone in the US...most of the time they will transfer to someone else right there in the same office, making him make the same statement....until they just hang up. Service, I think it is going the same way the Edsel went...


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                I agree Larry. I keep hitting the Zero key till someone from here will answer.
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                  I have another thing to do. I just tell them that I have a hearing problem and they need to speak very slowly and clearly. (They don't need to know that THEY are the problem). Have used this method on people who speak too fast, too. Some of them sound like auctioneers.



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                    StephenD, I understand your point of view but you are not taking advantage of anyone. You are just utilizing deals that have been offered to you. There is not anyone losing their job because you are getting 0.50 cents off a can of baked beans. The deals are just a method of trying to gain your business. The true greed part comes in when the big guy does not care that he just laid you off and now you, your wife, and children will all suffer, and they feel zero guilt about it.
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                      Online subscription to the paper. That's how I solved all those problems plus I can get it whereever I am.
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                        I would suggest that you get the complete story before jumping to conclusions. You called on a Saturday at 6:00 AM. Would you have rather left a message than to speak with a live person?

                        Do you get the overseas folks when you call the number during normal business hours?

                        Are they outsourcing an entire call center, or using it as an alternative to paying a staff to be present in the office during the off hours just in case someone has a delivery problem.

                        It could even be that the normal phone staff was sick and they use the overseas as a backup so callers can speak to a live person.

                        Maybe they hired a local person who happened to have an accent because that's the only dependable person they could find willing to work those hours.

                        BTW - Newspapers are the fastest dying industry right now, so they are forced to cut expenses wherever they can. If they did outsource the entire call center, it wasn't to make more money, it was to stop loosing it as fast.

                        Either way, the day is fast approaching that dead-tree news delivered to our doorstep will be a thing of the past.
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                          I called at about 8AM local time. Most time the automated system will handle the problem but it it cant you get transfered and most times it's overseas even when the papers office are open. One of the reasons I dont understand the overseas call is that the paper will send people out to customers homes to renews the paper or pay then to get set the stores on weekends to get people to subscribe. I guess the day will come when you wont have a paper on your door step but until them I expect to have it and better customer service.
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