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Brother had heart attack, show judging today

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  • Brother had heart attack, show judging today

    What a really strange day I had today. While I was getting ready for my judging this morning my sister-in-law calls me and informs me my brother had a major heart attack. He had total blockage of one artery and 3 others are 80% blocked. They put in a stint and "fished out" blood clot causing the blockage. They haven't decided what to do with the other 3 yet, medication or stints, or whatever they do. From what I remember Robbin telling me, he will need major heart surgery sometime down the line but I don't remember what she said for. I just talked with him and he is doing ok. He is in Lancaster Co. so I will be going up there tomorrow to see him.

    Not knowing what to do, hubby told me to go to my judging and take it from there. I felt like another person was doing the talking for me. It was quite interesting. They asked all kinds of questions. It was 1/2 hour of questions and answers. They were very nice people and interested in what I had to say. They wanted to know how I sold besides at shows. I told them I did special orders and the one clock was actually a customer's order and I told him he couldn't have it until tomorrow. Hubby put in his 2 cents worth which was really quite valuable. They have 4 woodworkers and only allow 5 of a particular vendor in to keep things interesting. I got the feeling if someone didn't come up with something better, I would be invited. If not, I was guaranteed a spot for next year as they were rotating out a woodworker. They only keep you for 4 years unless your item is in demand, like the man who makes children's board games. Note to self - take lots of children's items. I also sold $100 worth of items!! I told hubby I was putting it away and if I got in, that would be one third of my fee!! LOL

    Bottom line, please say prayers for my brother. He's the only sibling I have and would like to keep him around for a long long time. He'll be 59 next month. The show? If I make it in, fine if not fine also. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

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    That is mixed news. Sorry for your brother and best wishes for a full and rapid recovery for him. Travel safe to go see him. Great news on the show. I hope you wowed them enough to get in....
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      Betty so sorry to hear about your brother. Evelyn and I will keep him in our prayers and we pray for a safe trip for you.
      Sound like the show went well hope you invited, and with the great work you do they really need to.
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        So sorry for the news of your brother, hope he'll recover soon!
        Good news about the show, thumbs up for you!!!

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          Betty I hope you are accepted into the up comming show, but I know the health of your brother is on your mind right now. IT sounds like he is in good hands and will be taken care of.


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            Hope that your brother has a successful recovery. At least he's in the right place to get the care he needs. 59 is just a baby--may he have many years ahead of him!

            And good for you, hanging in and not falling apart. Sounds like whichever way it goes, you've made an impact, which is not surprising given the quality of your work.

            I hope tomorrow is calmer, with good news all around!

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              you an your brother are in my thoughts


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                Wow, What a mix of emotion for you..
                I'll definitely keep your brother in my prayers...

                ...and Congrats with the judging..It sounds like you made a great impression...
                Even despite the trouble at home...

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                  Hi Betty - sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he makes a speedy and good recovery.

                  Best wishes for the show.

                  Please keep us informed on both counts.
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                    Betty -- Too bad about your brother's heart condition -- but it is wonderful that he got medical care. Now that he has had a strong warning, we pray that his condition can be managed.

                    Good news on the show. At least you know that you'll be in next year -- and we hope you'll be in this year.
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                      Betty sorry to hear about your brother. Glad to hear though that he is getting the treatment that he needs. Get him into scrolling if he has not been. It is therapeutic as you know. Praying for a speedy recovery of your brother.

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                        I'm sorry to hear about your brother's heart problems. There is so much that can be done to correct circulation to the heart these days, that I'm comfortable saying that he should do well and be on the road to recovery quickly.

                        Good to hear that you are getting proper respect and recognition from the show judges. Best of luck on that.



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                          Betty, so sorry to hear about your brother...thoughts and prayers are extended to him and your family for a speedy recovery!

                          Now about the show...I have followed this post (or should I say subject) with great interest. I have never heard of a live audition for a juried show...a very, very interesting approach! IMHO I think it speaks volumes about the quality they are expecting...and that is why they invited you to audition, that itself is a great honor. I commend you on how you kept it all together, after the terrible news, and how supportive your husband has been thru all this! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they see all the wonderful items you can bring to their show. Please keep us posted in both aspects.
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                            Kim, it was quite interesting to say the least. I just treated it like a show, set up like a show, had an abundance of items and about 90% of the questions asked were questions customers ask at the show. So I felt very comfortable, just not quite there. They were interested when I told them all wood was sustainable lumber and hubby went on to elaborate that the corner cutoffs from my baskets turned into the angels & birdhouses! One lady was there while I was setting up and she had 5 glass items - vases, wine glasses, etc and explained how she did the etching on them. Another one, was a jewelry smith (?) and explained her entire process. Then one came after me and didn't even have a table cloth for the table! GO FIGURE! They were more interested in the process. If you couldn't explain that, then you didn't know what you were. I would have liked to hear you explain your Liquid Barbedwire. That would have been interesting!! LOL

                            Now, off to see my brother. He's doing better. Thanks for the prayers everyone.

                            "Congress needs to realize it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not of the people, by the people and for Congress." - Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Johns Hopkins Hospital


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                              Sorry to hear of your brothers heart attack, Betty. Our prayers are with you & with his quick & healthy recovery. Be careful traveling to see him, & Good Luck with the show also.


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