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  • Really proud parents

    This weekend I spoke to our 10 yr old son Kevin, back in Mexico from my work base here in Italy via Skye, a weekly hour long event that I rarely miss.

    Kevin's a little shy and not one to brag about his achievements and its sometimes hard to get info from him about things such as his schooling.
    This time though I had the upper hand to get him to talk about his latest school results after Norma sent me a scan of his bimonthly examination results card.

    His exams are split into two groups, one for English based classes and one for Spanish based ones. For the exams taken just before Christmas he scored straight 10's in ever subject! The first person in his group of 30 plus students in the school to do this. Being modest he then said he was disappointed to drop just one point in each group during the following examinations in February!!!

    The results are fantastic especially as most of his classmates are 12 - 18 months older than him and naturally as parents we are over the moon with his progress but what makes me really proud is the last comment by his Spanish group head teacher which I've translated on his results card

    It'll take a while for Norma and myself to come down from the clouds!!!

    Hope you don't mind me sharing this info with you. I told him I would tell the world of his success and he thought I was kidding!

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    Jim in Mexico

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    Congrats to Kevin and his proud parents. Did he get that from Norma?



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      Well we all know he got his smarts from dear ol mom....LOL That is quite the accomplishment. Thanks for sharing it with us and give him kudos from us.
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        Why am I not surprised? Please tell your son that the whole world is proud of him!

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          Awesome scores ! Tell him to keep up the good work.
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            That's fantastic Jim!

            The Spanish instructor's comment is really fabulous. I'm pretty sure this song explains where he learned to help everybody out.

            I hope you weren't too hard on him for dropping the two points



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              Your accomplishments are something worthy to make you and your parents exceptionally proud. All of your dad's friends on this forum are likewise proud of your accomplishment.

              Maybe you could print all these out and embarass him with them.
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                Jim you and your wife should be very proud of your Son. This report should be saved and put into a frame and kept for years. Something to brag on him for years to come. My wife and I have 5 kids and everyone of them finished college...sure makes you feel good.


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                  Now how cool is that? I understand why you're soo proud on Kevin! Tell him the good news arrived in Belgium and for such good schoolresults there's always a surprise! Not only for the results but also for being such a good friend!

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                    Wow that's awesome he is going to go far. Congrats to Mom and Dad oh and you to Jim.
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                      Congratulation from Australia.


                      Well done, thanks for showing us.


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                        Good job Kevin!
                        And Mom and Dad too!


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                          Thanks folks for all your nice replies. I'll definitely be passing a copy of them to Kev and I'm sure this will embarrass him a little but please him a lot!

                          As to where he gets his brains from. Definitely from his mum!
                          Modesty and shyness he gets from me - LOL!
                          Jim in Mexico

                          Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
                          - Albert Einstein


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                            Super Kevin,
                            I can feel your Dad's beaming face all the way here in North America...

                            Good for you and Norma...
                            You've got the brains Jim, you just hide them behind everything you haven't learned yet..

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                              Great gene pool to draw from . Looks like it is paying off.

                              Here in British Columbia the teachers are not making out report cards this year as a protest towards government policies. They just had a mini strike and legislation is being drawn up prohibiting them fom striking for a period of time.

                              Congratulations to your son and a well done for the parents.



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