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    anyone with hearing aids,ever tried a Amplified Powered Neckloop?

    it is for use with the tele-coil setting on hearing aids, and supposed to amplify cell phone's, mp3's i pods and such.
    am contemplating such a device. was wondering if it does actually work.

    if you can help.
    Be the good,
    you want to see in the world...

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    Hi Rob - I own a hearing center, and just by looking at the web page, it might possibly do what you need it to, as long as you have no problems with the T-coil in your HA's. It's working under the same principle as other loop systems used in churches, theaters, etc. so it's basically a personal loop system. I'd say for $55, you can't go wrong giving it a try. You may find some interference in some environments. Depending on what brand and model hearing aid you have, most manufacturers make a similar device that utilizes the bluetooth built into your hearing aids, if you have it. Granted, they are much more expensive than the neckloop. I wouldn't hesitate to at least try it.



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      Thank you for your responce. I have tried to contact the company (widex) about aids have 2 telecoil settings,one with microphone,and
      nothing so far. I tried contacting another co called enablemart, about (clearsounds CLA7 $55.00) if it would be compatiable... still nothing. i tried my audioulogist, she recommend a widex product (of course)..$250.00 +...and may need a bluetooth type Ipod to go with it more $$$...yikes!
      Did not want to void any warranty,as you know the aids are Quite expensive $$$$.
      I guess i'll just wait,all hearing aside...
      Be the good,
      you want to see in the world...


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