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Has anyone heard from Evie?

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  • Has anyone heard from Evie?

    I haven't seen her post in some time and I hope she is doing well and srolling so much she can't get the the computer.

    Scream then next time you are obnline Evie!

    Just one of your many friends. Carl
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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    Evie ?


    I see her on line, the next time I do, I will pass on your message.



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      Thanks Mac
      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
      Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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        Carl- the last few posts she has done mentioned she iss busy breaking horses.. and from the way she spoke I am guessing she is having some personal problems.. I sure hope she is okay cause I am getting grey haired worring about her, She isn't herself when she is here.

        EVIE ==== ARE YOU OKAY ???


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          She was logged on , I think last night, for a while. I too wonder why some people come into our lives, then suddenly vanish forever, never to be seen or heard again. I often think that if someone actually was ok, they would have at least said goodbye before vanishing forever, so people wouldnt wonder and worry. Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            hey Lil Sis

            hey LiL Sis we miss hearing from you please stop in a drop us a line, we miss your wit your shining light you have a way of cheering us all up

            Hope all is well Evie
            Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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              Hi guys. sooooooooooo sorry to make you worry. gosh , I did post a few times that I was busy doing tons of things. I try to drop in often to read the post. but don't have time to even do that. I am still scrolling, and yes I am breaking 2 horses. I took one to a trainer, becouse of some back problems, I need some help with my filly. the tranier has the round pin, and all the other things i no longer have availabale to me. sooooooooo thats humbleing. this is the first time, i have had to ask for help, with one of my horses. but , the houseing projects going up around me, and the trash in the desert, and the water runoffs. from the houseing tracks, has left me with no room to ride. drats. not to mention the drive buy shootings. and the darn kids , with their bad attitues. so, I decided to look for a bigger horse traier , on line, for sale, and , am working at the trainers, getting , redy to do some travaling with my horses. camping, and packing. the wall I was preparring for, fell through, another drats. but just as well. also, it is the end of the gardon season. for me anyway. no winter gardon this year. but lots of clean up. had to re roof the shop. and, work on my truck. getting redy to trim trees , and on and on. i have also , been going to the gym. working on my girlish figuer .trying to get in better shape , for the horsie things i wont to do. I hurt my back in a hunting trip acksedent. is that a word? and need to build the mussals back up, to handale the horses better. when I am in the forum. I can spend all day. and that wasn't good. I have been having problems with the Pc. too. and the hubby. so. forgive me , if I have been absent. for I do love all you guys. and I count you as my best friends. I guss what I am saying is. I am trying to have a life. another thing,,, is,,,, I was being a *****,, don't wont to bring that here. you don't deserve it. but things seem to be smoothing out some. so I will try to post more. I have 2 going on 3 pages of messages and post to catch up on. and replying to them all , would take soooooo long. but I can see, there is some pretty good scrollers here, and gosh what could I add to what they are offering. so i just suck it up. and go do my work. I will post some pictures of some of the things i am doing, when i get my camera back. I am always with you all. love yas. your friend Evie


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                Glad to hear things are looking up for you Evie,

                Take good care of yourself, that is the important thing.

                Hugs and friendly kisses,
                Your friend,
                DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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