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Another use for Belt Sander

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  • Another use for Belt Sander

    Recently my wife baked a batch of cookies but unfortunately were burnt on the bottom.
    Just a tap of the cookie bottom on the belt sander and, VIOLLA! No burnt bottom.

    Then I thought, charcoal is good to clean out the digestive system, SO---

    Next time I'll just do half a batch.


    Old Dust

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    Now THAT's creativity! And to think I went and bought a bottle of charcoal.......


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      Hehehe! - I love it John, even though I play safe and leave a little bit of carbon on my food. As you rightly inferred, the smell of burnt cakes is much more preferable to that other smell!!

      Here's also a trick for you.

      Back in Mexico we often make a special punch in and around Christmas which is brewed from a ruck of different fruits and has chunks of sugar cane added to give the sweetness. Cutting hard sugar cane didn't used to be so easy and also pretty dangerous until I started using my Bosch jigsaw on it! Actually, since buying a bandsaw last year I might just go upmarket and start charging to cut the cane for the neighbours - LOL!
      Jim in Mexico

      Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
      - Albert Einstein


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        that was the best part!!!! "When it's smokin' it's cookin' when it'd black it's done"
        May the wind at you back .....
        Not be from Lunch.

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          Cajun cookies

          Blackened to perfection. Or maybe football cookies, just rub the bottom of the cookies under your eyes.

          Touch down.

          We'll it doesn't hurt to try


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