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  • Scrollaholic

    Whatever happened to Scrollaholic?

    This annonymous identity had his/her own blog titled "Everything Scrolling". The last post on the blog was in July, I believe about the Brandson picnic.

    Where did she go? Why has she stopped posting? Wasn't she at the Fox Chapel open house?

    I realize Scrollaholic caused some worry among the scrolling community with his comments on the blog, but some were cause for reflection as well. After hearing about the blog on here, I like many others, became curious and was reading through the well constructed posts.

    Then there was nothing.

    I hope Scrollaholic is okay. I know he reads this forum, as evident in some of his posts. I look forward to finding out if he is alright and the reason for his long lingering silence for a man who had much to say at one time.

    So to those who know who Scrollaholic really is... please let him know some of us are wondering if he is okay.

    Take care

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    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Your work is always a treat to look at!
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    I clean it up and stuff regularly. If I do a lot of typing, spreadsheets, etc., I use the computer as it’s faster for me but take the tablet to shows and markets to post from there. I also use my rapid resizer program on the tablet when I want to change a pattern and am downstairs. I really need a...
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    Rolf, if your Picassa file works I want it!!! They cram so much into newer programs that it just complicates things and takes away intuitive stuff. Thank you for checking!
    Yesterday, 05:55 PM
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    Reply to My computer issues.
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    Quote, I kept my old computer even though it was barely alive simply due to one particular program...Picassa by Google...which they removed from the market years ago. It worked like a combo photo and editing program but easier. It could take a photo and change it to a line drawing beautifully...
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    Buy an apple and keep the computer dr away, RJ...
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