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    Do any of you fine woodworkers have or know of anyone who has any FESTOOL tools? I am in search of a new miter saw and the Festool Kapex has caught my eye but it sure is pricey. I keep thinking about how scroll saws vary so much in price knowing that those of you with the high end ones really stand by them. I would just like to talk to someone who has invested in a Festool Kapex. Thanks for your time! Connie

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    Everything I Heard{I say that because I can not afford them,or I don't need that kind of quality equip.}Suposed to top of the line ,I'm sure you won"t be sorry if you need the kind of precision.
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      We have several main club members that will buy nothing but Festool. They are a bit pricey. The only thing that interests me is the zero clearance rail system for cutting panels.
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        A couple of my friends are Festool fanatics. They sure are nice. One friend is such a collector that he had a demo in his workshop with the rep from Festool.

        The thing that impressed me was the vacuum system that hooks up to all the machines. You can sand right in your living room with no dust.

        A carpenter friend who was commenting on the Kapex said it was dead on and when you are working in a 3 million dollar house Festool was worth every penny.

        If you need a contact let me know.


        PS. A kapex went up for sale recent on Kijiji at 1300. Retail is 1500 in Canada so they cetainly hold their value.
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          Hello Connie, we do have a lot of festool tools, also the Kapex ... it's a great saw, we use it a lot. Eric is a carpenter so he needs those tools...and I can use them...

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