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    Currently reading.....
    On Seas of Glory by John Lehman history of the U.S. Navy
    A Few Good Men by Ronald J. Brown the story of the 5th Marines from the Banana Wars to the first gulf war.
    All the Way to Berlin by James Megellas 504th PIR 82nd Airborne WWII
    A Dream Season by Gary Carter
    Left to Die by Dan Kurzman the sinking of the USS Juneau off Guadalcanal

    I just finished Unheralded Victory and All Available Boats (the evacuation of Manahattan Island on 9/11)

    Unheralded Victory was about the military defeat of the NVA and VC. One of the interesting tid bits I uncovered was that 12,000 Canadians fought in VN while one was awarded the Medal of Honor.

    All Available Boats was a short read about a little known part of 9/11. Very interesting.

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    This post
    I just couldn't help myself
    sigpic: Dan US Navy PR1 (Ret)
    To all who serve or have served, Thank you
    Well I am the worlds greatest scroller at my house.


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      the dark tower series by stephen king i am on the 7th and final book and i must say after 7 books i actually get upset when characters die there like family ha ha



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        Originally posted by Band Saw Box View Post
        This post
        I just couldn't help myself
        I was thinking the same thing when I read the title. What else could I be reading currently?
        Sawdust King

        If there is one thing I can make perfect every time it is sawdust.


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          Originally posted by normded View Post
          the dark tower series by stephen king i am on the 7th and final book and i must say after 7 books i actually get upset when characters die there like family ha ha

          Better get your order in for Book #8 soon, Jerry!

 The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel (9781451658903): Stephen King: Books

          It's not so much a sequel as a spinoff short story added into the middle of the saga, I think. I'm pretty excited about it, though, since I haven't entered Mid-World in many years. I know Bob Duncan is an even bigger fan of the series than I am, so he's gotta be stoked as well.

          Shoot me a PM when you finish Book 7....I'd be interested to hear what you think. I don't want to spoil anything.

          I love reading, but I have to admit I haven't had much time for it the past 6 months or so. I was reading Dances with Dragons this summer (from the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin......some of my all time favorite books), and got about 600 pages into it before getting tied up with other things. I just picked it up again last week, so hopefully I can get it done.

          Before that, I read Pillars of the Earth, which I highly recommend, by Ken Follett.

          Next up on base is Dreamsongs, a collection of short stories by George RR Martin, and The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti.
          Shawn Ferguson

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            Hell in a Very Small Place, the Siege of Dien Bien PHU
            Street without Joy - French Air-Moble in Viet Nam
            Because of Romek, A Holocaust Survivors Memoir
            Six Million Paper Clips - The Making of a Children's Holocaust Memorial
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              Just finished Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan. Last of a 3-book series. If you like Fantasy novels, I HIGHLY recommend the series.



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                I usually read whatever is laying around whenever I'm watching TV and when I go to bed. Recently finished a Tom Clancy and David Robbins' "The End of War"


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                  I am reading the two scrollsaw magazines.
                  FD Mike
                  SD Mike


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                    Just finished The Confession by John Grisham

                    Delta P-20 & Q-3

                    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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                      One or two of the 300 books I have loaded into the Kindle. Lots of free books and some times they are really good, others I read a small amount and end up discarding them. I read at night before bed.


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                        The Seal Series by H. Jay Riker (again)



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                          James Patterson's The Private Game



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